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Defensive Notebook: A Bulkier Rodriguez, Clay’s Surgery and Kelso

Harvell-Peel is dropping his fifth mixtape next week.



The Cowboys defense is just days from its most hyped up season in recent memory.

Oklahoma State’s defense has had a lot said about it entering the 2020 campaign, but Saturday that talk will turn to pad pops against Tulsa. Linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez and safety Kolby Harvell-Peel met with reporters after practice Wednesday. Here are some things they hit on.

Rodriguez bulking up in second season at LB

OSU was thought to be shorthanded at linebacker last season as Malcolm Rodriguez transitioned to the position group, but he and Amen Ogbongbemiga shut that talk up.

Rodriguez finished the year with a team-high 103 tackles, and he did that while being listed at 205 pounds. That has changed entering his second season as a linebacker.

“I’m pushing almost 230, so I’ve gained a little bit of weight since last year,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is listed at 220, so it’s likely he’ll enter Saturday between that and 230. Whatever it is, it’s much bigger than 205.

Collin Clay reports successful surgery

Arkansas transfer Collin Clay’s 2020 has been a tragic one.

After waiting months to hear back about his waiver for immediate eligibility, Clay was granted the ability to play in 2020 as the season was swept out from under him. Clay tore his ACL.

His comeback story is being written, though, as he tweeted out Wednesday that his surgery was successful.

Kolby Harvell-Peel’s music career continues

As his third college season approaches, Kolby Harvell-Peel, also known as “Kelso.,” is set to drop is fifth mixtape.

Harvell-Peel was asked about his music Wednesday evening, and he made sure to plug the fifth tape, titled “Camp Free,” a few times. His first tape, titled “First of March,” dropped in 2019, meaning it doesn’t take him to long to get them out.

“I always was always dancing and always playing music when I was younger,” Harvell-Peel said. “I used to sing a lot. My brother and sister always gave me a hard time, talking about ‘Man, you can’t sing, shut all that up.’ As I got older, I just felt like maybe I should use it as a pastime. We don’t get much free time up here, so when you do, you wanna have fun. So, I picked up making music and ain’t looked back since.”

He isn’t the only Cowboy into creating music. Rodarius Williams (aka LeeDaGreat) and Kanion Williams (aka Pick$ix) have also featured on Harvell-Peel’s mixtapes, as has former Cowboy Kevin Henry (aka K3v).

“We have a lot of talented guys,” Harvell-Peel said. “A lot of dudes that are more than just football players. I talk about that a lot on Twitter that we’re more than athletes. That’s just another example of it. We got some talented guys as far as making music goes.”

“Camp Free” is set to come out Sept. 24 for those wondering.

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