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Five Non-Conference Games Oklahoma State Should Schedule (Part 2)



While we wait for the season to finally start, why not spend some time fantasizing about future non-conference games Oklahoma State should schedule?

Or if we’re lucky, the bowl gods will award us one of these opponents in the College Football Playoff this year (knock on wood).

This started as a simple five-team project, and evolved into three groups of five. Three collections of teams tied together with three unifying themes. We kicked it off Thursday with Part 1: The Proximity Tour. We continue today with Part 2.

Part 2 – The Naming-Rights Challenge

For too long we have had to share certain aspects of our team’s name and personality with others. OSU. Cowboys. Pistol Pete. The color orange! Well, no more. I propose five neutral site games with these opponents to decide (once and for all) which fan base has the right to such claims. The others can float off into oblivion — or come up with something else.

Let’s kick it off the most important.

The OSU Trophy


There are three ‘OSU’ schools in Division I football. I’ll include Oregon State in the challenge but will focus on “tOSU” since the Beavers are already on the schedule.

For too long Ohio State has had the privilege of put the ‘t’ before their initials. When OSU is mentioned, Ohio State is the first school people think of.

Win this game and Oklahoma State takes the title of ‘tOSU’. It also wouldn’t hurt to try and even out the record a little bit. The Cowboys are 0-2 against the Buckeyes all-time with the last meeting coming back in 2004 in the Alamo Bowl. Also known as the ‘Les Miles was too busy signing the LSU contract to actually coach’ game.

As for Oregon State, we get two chances to beat the Beavers (smirking emoticon) in 2019 and 2020.

The Pistol Pete Trophy


New Mexico State & Wyoming

Three teams can not share Pistol Pete as a mascot. Yes, I realize there are are 14 schools with a bulldog for a mascot. But Pistol Pete, aka Frank Eaton, was not an animal. He was a man. A living, breathing, bad ass of a Cowboy man. One that we should not have to share the rights to with some school that’s had two winning seasons since 1993 and hasn’t been to a bowl game since the 1960s.

Now, I know the battle with New Mexico State was already won in the courtrooms after OSU sued NMSU over the fact that their mascot logo looked too much like ours. And New Mexico State goes by the nickname the Aggies, but still. They can have another Cowboy for a mascot. There are plenty of legendary ones to go around.

Also, we’ve only played once and it was in 1939, so now’s as good a time as any to get this rivalry going.

As for Wyoming, their mascot is actually called Pistol Pete. Ah, hell no! That won’t stand. Plus, look up at how goofy that Pete is. Pete should be scary, not goofy.

And just for the insult, we’re going to take back the bucking bronco logo too! I don’t care if we’ve only used it on a helmet at homecoming once in roughly a decade. Oh, and the name Cowboys. We’re taking that back.

Go get a new mascot Wyoming. You can be the Wyoming geysers and Old Faithful can be your mascot. You’re welcome.

The Aggie Award


Utah State

While we’re at it with mascots and nicknames, let’s just go ahead and take back ‘Aggies’. At this point we’ve beaten Texas A&M and New Mexico State. That only leaves Utah State.

I don’t have anything against Utah State. They are also a state school. I’m sure they are fine people. But they chose to be called Aggies so they must be defeated and stripped of their name. Heck, their mascot is already a big blue bull. Just go by ‘the bulls.’

The Brightest Orange Trophy



With my final pick I’m taking the color orange from Syracuse. Oklahoma State is America’s brightest orange. But when you think of orange you think Syracuse whose mascot is basically a giant orange. Let’s take back orange!

But seriously, how is a color a mascot? Get a real mascot.

Oklahoma State and Syracuse have never played before but who wouldn’t love a trip to New York? Let’s set this up. Hey, at least it’s a Power 5 team.


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