Gundy on Rudolph: ‘He Makes Me Proud’

Written by Kyle Porter

If Mason Rudolph is in the middle of a final lap round the Big 12, Mike Gundy is doing his final lap around media availability when it comes to singing the praises of QB1. And why not? He’s a record-setter who recently broke Gundy’s own mark on the wins record in OSU history to which Gundy said, “He deserves all the records.”

He didn’t stop there on Monday.

“I had a good conversation with his mom and dad outside the bus up there on Saturday,” said Gundy. “I don’t get to see them a lot. The one thing I told them was this. When he finishes here, he finishes here he’s probably going to be the most-decorated quarterback in the history of this school. We can argue stats, wins, whatever.”

Not probably. Definitely. It’s already happened. He holds all the marks. Wins, completions, yards, TDs, all of them.

“Here’s what he’s done. He has been the most committed player to this team that I’ve ever seen. Really, the organization. With his commitment to ‘I’m going to try to do the very best I can.’ Doesn’t guarantee you’re going to make all your throws. Doesn’t guarantee he’s going to misread something. Doesn’t mean that you might not throw an interception. But his commitment to success for his team and himself is through the roof.

“That’s what I shared with his mom and dad. I said, ‘All the other stuff is awesome, but what he’s done, you guys should be really proud of.’ I have three sons. I would only hope they would be that committed to some organization at some point in their life. Only hope. And he’s done it humble. He’s a low-ego guy, and he’s humble. I’m proud to watch him … he makes me proud. That’s what he does.”

Mullet Man waxing poetic about his signal-caller is a heck of a thing to watch.

And Rudolph can feel the ride coming to an end. This is the time of the year when seniors start reflecting on the fact that they’re in the waning moments of one of the most special times in their life. Rudolph will likely move on and play professionally in some capacity, but it will never be like this again.

Here’s what Rudolph told the Tulsa World before the Iowa State game (in a must-read column).

“I kind of thought about it last week. We’ve got hopefully five games left if we can get back in this (Big 12) thing to go to Dallas, but only four guaranteed left,” he said. “It kind of finally sunk in.

“I was like, ‘It’s the last time I’m gonna be able to play with this group of guys. We’re gonna be 40 one day and talking about the 2017 season and what could have been and what we did.’ I just wanted to make sure those guys knew, ‘It’s right here. We’ve got a guaranteed four to go. Let’s max it out. Let’s empty the tank. Let’s do everything in our ability to come out here and enjoy the game. There’s nothing like it.’ ”

It’s been a special few years for Oklahoma State football, and Texas Tech can make it even more special with a monster upset win in Lubbock this week. That would give Rudolph an opportunity to claim the one thing he’s never touched: A Big 12 title.

  • Chuck Hustle

    Porter! You are a blowhard, dude! Quit ignoring the realities of who Rudolph is!! Rudolph broke the records but had a terrible record against talented teams. His lone win against OU was when the Sooners lost to Clemson in the Russell Athletic Bowl. He can’t win a game against a team with NFL talent! Sooners last three years, Baylor, last couple, Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl. He’s an average QB that has amazing WR talent around him to bail him out. We only beat Iowa State last week because Ateman bailed him out! I’d take Weeden every day over Rudolph and he’s a terrible NFL QB. Rudolph will suffer the same fate. Maybe Rudolph is the best we can get at OSU, but this season is a lost cause. No one cares about going the Alamo Bowl again to play an average Pac12 team….. And recruits definitely don’t care about that! Provide some critical thoughts for once!! Jesus, Man!!

    • Okstate2011

      Tell us how you really feel.

    • pokes247

      What exactly are you complaining about here? Rudolph is the most decorated QB in the history of our program, that can’t be disputed. Is he the best? No. I would say that distinction goes to Weeden probably. But Rudolph does hold all the records, which therefore makes him the most decorated. This article is about how Mike Gundy is proud of the work ethic of a good QB who is an even better person. And what he’s praising isn’t necessarily his production on the field, he’s merely referencing it as a visual of how hard Rudolph has worked during his time here.

    • Replying to jackass chuck

      You sir are a freaking moron…

    • Lokeasy

      RIGHT?! If Rudolph were such an awesome player, he would have suited up on defense and stopped Oklahoma on his own.

    • Evie Taylor

      You seriously need some strong medication and a complete personality makeover by Jesus Christ. Stay away from guns and knives because you are dangerous to yourself and others.

    • @below_the_cheddar_curtain

      Chuck, feel free to start your media company/site and take your misplaced anger with you.

    • OPower

      I’d hate to be your wife or your dog after you’ve had a bad day!!

      • Guest

        Or his kids. God forbid he actually is allowed to raise a family. Chuck you are everything wrong with every fanbase ever. Please save everyone your idiocracy and prevent yourself from commenting further.

    • kspokesfan

      Might try more fiber in your diet…

      • David

        haha. This is the best one…

    • Saucy Takes

      What was TCU ranked in 15 when we dominated them at home like number 4 or 5 what about in 16 when west virginia was ranked fairly high. He shredded a first round draft pick from colorado last year in the Alamo bowl do do head

      • EdouardSurvivor

        Maybe beating West Virginia and TCU every now again is your definition of success. Maybe beating Texas Tech impresses you. Do you think Lincoln Riley is telling his players, man I hope we pull out a win in that Texas Tech game? No, OU doesn’t hope or pray, they expect championships. Big difference. Thats why they have beaten us 9 out of 11 times and have won 8 Big 12 titles to our 1 since Gundy took over. The expectations should be to beat OU and win a Big 12 title, every season. Not be satisfied with just 10 wins and praying to beat OU.

    • Chuck Hustle

      Jesus guys! You make things so personal. My meds are good and my family is fine and they usually bounce back quickly after my ragers. All I’m saying is Porter never has a hard take on the OSU program. He pours the kool-aid and his takes never are controversial. You guys are so thirsty, you just drink it up! I just get tired of the propaganda, but unfortunately this site is the only game in town. Rudolph is an above average quarterback that holds all our records, but remember he came back for his senior year to win the big12 and compete for a CFP. He didn’t do that so what was the point? So he could hook up with more college chicks? Maybe and congrats to him. Us relying on Texas Tech is a joke and probably won’t happen….. so why get our hopes up. Rudolph chokes when it matters most and that’s my point. He can’t win the big game in crunch time and he struggles against teams with significant NFL talent. He’s an Alamo Bowl MVP caliber QB. If you guys are happy with that, then I’m not going to convince you otherwise. Just know that there are fans out there with higher expectations than third place in the Big12. Porter telling us to be happy with 10 wins because of where we have been is ridiculous given the expectations of this team this year. It’s apologetic and a company line.

      • Gumby

        There’s 130 div1 teams. Name 3 better in the last 3 years.

        • Chuck Hustle

          Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Arguably Michigan State, arguably Washington….. Making the dance is important. I’ll take a down year occasionally versus always being the bridesmaid.

          • Gumby

            3 better QBs since your criticism is our QB.

          • Chuck Hustle

            My criticism is on porter. Rudolph came back to win the big12 and fell short when it counted. Porter should acknowledge that in addition to Rudolph’s success. This season fell short of expectations no matter how successful gundy and Rudolph has been together. Winners expect to win the big games. I don’t think Rudolph is a winner. He had the ball in his hand at the end of bedlam to win and choked…. no matter how bad the defense was.

          • Gumby

            Name 3 better QBs. There’s 130 teams. It should be easy, big boy.

          • Chuck Hustle

            Mayfield, Watson, mariota, browning, jackson, Barrett, Winston, miller….. you’re more of an idiot than porter

          • Gumby

            So you’re saying OSU would be undefeated if any or all of those QBs played at OSU?

            Mayfield has lost to ISU, UT, tOSU and Clem
            Watson lost to Pitt, Ala
            Mariota lost to Ariz twice, Stan twice, tOSU
            Browning lost to ASU twice, Stan twice, USC, Ala, Boise, Cal, Utah
            Jackson lost to Clem twice, NCSU, BC, WF, LSU, UK, UH
            Barrett lost to OU, Iowa, PSU, Clem, MSU, VT

            I’ll give you Mayfield and Watson. NFW on the other “losers”. Why don’t you just get over butt hurt attitude and celebrate the great kid that leads our Cowboys?

          • Chuck Hustle

            Weird research! Mariota and Jackson won the heisman! Most of those led their team to the cfp or bcs! Your view on success is flawed and misses my point. I think Rudolph is a fine qb but he’s not a champion. He’s flawed and choked under pressure. My point is porter should acknowledge he’s choked under pressure. 10 wins to get to the Alamo bowl isn’t what I want. They should have done more with the talent we had this year.

          • Gumby

            So now you want a Heisman instead of wins? And you’d be okay with Jackson’s 8 win seasons because, he’s a Champion.
            I think the loser your so determined to describe is the guy in the mirror.


          • EdouardSurvivor

            Also, you forget to mention all the above are conference or national champions (minus Jackson who won the Heisman). I don’t blame Rudolph for this, hell Peyton Manning lost to Florida all four years. But I can’t stand this loser mentality of those on this blog. The goal was to win a Big 12 title and get in the playoff. If you are satisfied with 9 or 10 wins with this team, I worry you still believe in santa claus.

          • Chuck Hustle

            Edouard gets it. Gumby you’re changing the narrative. The discussion is whos a better qb. All those guys would’ve gotten a team with our nfl wrs to the cfp. Lamar Jackson would have won the big12 with our talented receivers.

          • Gumby

            No, the narrative is about the article above. Porter is writing about Gundy’s presser comments and the subject of the comments. And all you and Eddy can do is trash the author and the young man that “has given more to this program than any player Gundy has ever seen”

            You’re punks.

          • Chuck Hustle

            You probably love when kids get participation trophies Cuz everyone’s a winner!

          • AverageJeff

            That’s Ohio State to you, sir

          • Dude, you’re…some of those guys don’t even…man, you’re just…
            My Mom always said, “If you can’t say something nice…don’t read idiots’ comments on a blog!”

      • two4osu

        Naw, Porter’s all good here.

        You wanna read something written by a koolaid-slugging, head-in-the-sand, ignore-the-truth-in-your-face writer, hop on over to 24/7 and catch RA’s musings.

    • Frank Eaton

      You’re a moron. Mason Rudolph LEADS the country in passing yards, yards per game, etc.. etc… In a system that HOLDS HIM BACK. He has been sacked more than ANY OTHER P5 QB over his career. EVER. His OC is completely outclassed daily. His defense gives up an average of 40 POINTS A GAME! His kicker can’t make a 25 yard field goal. His punt returners cannot even FIELD a f****** punt! Yet he STILL carries us to 10 win seasons. ALL HAIL RUDOLPH!

      • Chuck Hustle

        I’ll admit we need a new OC and DC. Had defense and special teams been better, things would be different. But he had the ball in his hands at the end to win the game versus OU. He choked!!

        • Frank Eaton

          He choked? HE CHOKED?! Our OC called a pass play. From the 3 yard line. With plenty of time to go. When our (((All American) 205 pound) consecutive 1000+yard rusher) had gone for 200+ yards in the game!?!? Our defense allowed 62. SIXTY-TWO POINTS. He makes ONE poor decision and HE choked? TURN ON YOUR F****** BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AverageJeff

      Go chuck yourself and hustle on outta here

  • Michael

    The fact that Mason Rudolph has somehow become a lightening rod for the fanbase (or at least the message board version of our fanbase) is baffling to me. The guy has done everything asked of him every time. No, Mason is not an elite or generational talent – we know that. But he has obviously earned the respect of those who play with him and coach him and at minimum, we, as fans, owe him the same. He has the opportunity to leave this school with all of the records and 4 straight top 20 finishes. I will take 10 win seasons every time and if you don’t think that is success, you haven’t been a fan long enough.

    • EdouardSurvivor

      What a loser comment? Winners, like OU, aren’t satisfied with just 10 wins. Baker Mayfield hit the nail on the head, “OU expects to beat OSU.” OU’s goals are to beat Texas, OSU, win the Big 12, and play for a national championship. Ours is just be satisfied with win 10 games? Give me a break. I’m not going to blame Rudolph for this mentality, I blame losers like you. Just praying and hoping to just win 10 games, is the reason why we beat pray to beat OU once every 20 seasons. Down the road they don’t settle for above average seasons, they expect championships, lofty expectations matter, thats why they have won a ton of championships and we win one every 50 years.

      • Kim

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  • Saucy Takes

    Some of our fanbase is becoming like A&M’s sad sad day…

    • spokepokes

      Nah just one idiot. And he’s getting an earful anyway.

      • EdouardSurvivor

        A&M’s fanbase if your opinion of success? What a bunch of losers you two are. We should expect championships as a fanbase. Just maybe if everyone expects it, it might actually happen. T-Boone gave all this money so we could be on a level playing field as OU and Texas. Not to be satisfied with winning 9 to 10 games against teams that don’t matter with only Alamo and Buffalo Wild Wings bowls to show for it. I promise you OU wouldn’t be satisfied with this season, and neither should we.

        • spokepokes

          We are making fun of A&M’s fanbase genius. And you are acting like them. Keep up tiger.

  • Rocky Dean

    Coach…just dont let him sign with Cleveland

  • Chris Stover

    Mason Rudolph is a good QB. No doubt. One of the best to ever play here. I don’t hang the Bedlam loss on him as the defense didn’t do their job. That said, if Rudolph doesn’t throw pick on first down we probably win. Also, he had a chance to lead us to a win with the ball in hands. I’m proud of Rudolph too. Hope he gets another crack at Big 12 Title but it’s probably only 30% chance. Too bad he didn’t get it done with it all on the line with the ball in our hands.

    • Chuck Hustle

      Stover hits it on the head. I just think porter should recognize Rudolph couldn’t get it done no matter how great his stats are.

      • ^^^^^ idiot above

        Where did you play football at? go ahead at any age; where did you play? By the way you talk, I can almost guarantee you never played a down in college. But go ahead and criticize a guy who has done everything to put his team in a position to be successful and come up a little short. I’ll wait here while you go suit up and step on the field and make every single throw in every game; let alone Bedlam. Again you sir are a moron.

  • AverageJeff

    I love watching Mason and I get fired up when I see him get fired up. I know it will be good. Does anyone else know a QB who takes on. DE on a play?? He’s got some guts and Huevos to go with it.