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Hall of Famer Terrell Davis on Justice Hill: ‘He Can Do Some Damage’

One former under-the-radar RB recognizes another.



Justice Hill’s Oklahoma State career came to an unceremonious end that left fans without closure, and it might leave Hill short a few greenbacks. What began with a rib injury and ended with Hill holding himself out of the Liberty Bowl could have an effect on Justice’s draft stock come late April.

But one former Hall of Fame running back is excited about what OSU’s leading rusher brings to the table as a next level runner.

Two-time Super Bowl champ and former NFL MVP, Terrell Davis, tabbed Hill as his under-the-radar running back of the 2019 draft class.

“He reminds me of Ameer Abdullah in the ability, the way he runs,” said Davis on NFL Total Access. “He’s not a big guy, but he’s fast. He’s got the quickness. He’s got agility, good vision.

“He’s not a power back, so if you’re looking for a power back, he’s not your guy. But in today’s game, with all the throwing in this game, he’s a perfect fit for anyone that wants to run this wide-open offense.”

With Hill coming in under 6 feet and under 200 pounds (though we’ve been told he played at around 205 last season) teams will have concerns about his durability as a feature back — and his missing the final month of the season won’t help matters. But Davis, who played at 5-11 tailback and was a former sixth-round draft pick himself, knows a thing or two about what Justice will be facing.

“Again, he’s not a three-down back. He’s going to be more so a third-down back. But I think if that man gets a chance on this level he can do some damage. So look out for Justice Hill from Oklahoma State.”

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