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Here Is Why Brandon Weeden Is Not on Twitter Anymore

Brandon Weeden shakes the haters off.



Let me clarify, Brandon Weeden is technically on Twitter. He just doesn’t use it and hasn’t for a long time. He explained why recently to the Dallas Morning News.

“I do a good job of blocking everything out, ” Weeden said. “I deleted Twitter a long time ago. I don’t do any of that crap.

“I was pretty interactive in college,” Weeden said.

This is true. I remember interacting with him over stuff I’d written pretty quickly after games. Nothing I wouldn’t have done if I was him, but it probably had to change at some point as a pro.

“I remember everybody that always talked crap, they never had a picture of themselves. It was some cartoon or something, and it was always probably a 12 year old kid that damn sure never played quarterback, and damn sure never played quarterback in the NFL. I don’t need that kid telling me, ‘What the hell you thinking throwing to this guy?’ I don’t need that.”

That entire mini-rant made me laugh.

“I’m 32 years old. I don’t need a 12 year old telling me how to play quarterback.”

Oh, there are 22-year-olds and 42-year-olds now, too. But I like that. If I was an athlete, I would really have to evaluate the benefit of being on social media. Or at least pay somebody to run my account for me like Tommy B.

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