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J.W. Walsh Really, Really Loves Oklahoma State

Some great stuff here from someone David Glidden calls “the biggest leader on our team.”



J.W. Walsh loves him some OSU. And why wouldn’t he?

No. 4 talked recently about why his time in Stillwater has been so fun, why he didn’t transfer and how it’s all going to be over so very soon.

“I’ve put so much work in. I didn’t want to go anywhere else and not feel that same chemistry on the field,” said Walsh. “You’re just not going to have that same brotherhood. The fans, the community and the coaches have made it one of the best experiences I could have ever asked for.”

“He’s still the biggest leader on our team,” added David Glidden.

“When you run out of that tunnel on Saturday with 60,000 people wearing orange, there’s nothing better. Everything I’ve had here, there’s no way I could have had it at another place.

“There’s a reason I’ve stuck around here for so long and it’s not just because I love football and it’s not just because I thought this was the best place for me to play. It’s been the best opportunity for me to build great relationships and play the game that I love with the people that I love.”

Sources tell me Oklahoma State is looking into adding Walsh’s face as an alternate logo for future Oklahoma State football helmets.

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