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Let’s Talk About Those Final Two Drives Against Kansas State

Rudolph went 6-8 for 111 yards.



I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m still reeling from that fourth quarter on Saturday. Mason Rudolph led a pair of lead-taking drives deep into the Stillwater afternoon as OSU kept its seven-game winning streak intact.

Each play on both drives made my heart hop a little bit extra. No. 2 was cool, though. He went 6-8 for 111 yards on those two drives which resulted in 10 points and his seventh win.

“He stays very calm,” said Mike Gundy on Monday about Rudolph. We’re very pleased with his demeanor and the way he handles the game.”

Here’s a look at the first drive.


That was sweet. Rudolph used Brandon Sheperd and Marcell Ateman perfectly on each of his three passes. The TD to Shep was perfect.

The second (and final) drive was a bit bumpier. After a completed pass to Jeff Carr on first down, Rudolph threw two incompletions including a bad one at David Glidden.

That brought up the play of the season so far. A 4th and 8 on OSU’s own 37. Rudolph was straight cash on the strike to Ateman.

“First, heckuva play call and I don’t think we had repped that play all week because it wasn’t in the game plan,” said Rudolph after the game. “Coach (Mike) Yurcich dialed up the perfect play in that situation.”

Robert Allen asked him what the play was called …

“Throw it to Marcell Ateman for the first down,” Rudolph laughed. “It was an awesome play call by him to put us in the best situation in order to get the first down and all the credit to coach and then to our offense for executing.”

“I knew that play was not in the game plan but it was the right call at the right time for that situation and it is one that our players know well,” said Mike Gundy.


It was also a great throw.

From there it was one more pass to Ateman, a bunch of runs and the Ice Pirate for the win.

Is it the best of headlines to say you beat a 5th-string QB at home on a last-minute FG. No, but in a year in which no team in the country appears to be without warts, it’s enough. Enough to get to the next week. Enough to celebrate seven straight. Enough to enter the record books.

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