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Mike Gundy trolls Les Miles

Gundy was on point Monday with the media.



Here’s Gundy’s presser from Monday with a few of the better (or at least more interesting) quotes..

2:10 — “In the last couple games, J.W. (Walsh) has been average throwing the ball.”

4:41 — “He’s gotta kick it through the goal posts.”

5:28 — “Just like when you know you’re wrong in an argument with your wife, you might as well just give in.”

10:15 — “[Ben Grogan] has done it. He just hasn’t done it out in front of a crowd yet.”

12:00 — He trolls Les Miles so hard.

16:10 — “It’s like when you tell your kid to brush his teeth and you find out a week later he hasn’t.”

17:30 — “They (the fans) loved JW when he wasn’t playing. Now he’s playing they don’t like him. That’s the society we live in.”

18:40 — “I don’t get on Twitter because I can’t type.”

20:55 — On JW’s pet snake: “How does he know it’s a she?”

23:55 — “I don’t know that [Rennie Childs] is a burner, he’s a 4.4 guy.”

Here’s the Miles troll from 12:00.

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