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Notes on Mike Gundy’s UTSA Press Conference



Coach briefly talks about UCA, UTSA, alligator-arms, takes some shots at Glidden, talks about keeping a “poker face” and rodeo horses.

Opening statement

• “We need to continue to improve in all three phases. We have a healthy football team right now. Our attitude and energy level is good.”

On Jalen McCleskey

• Robert Allen asked if Jalen “alligator-armed” one of his return attempts. Is that really a term? “Wasn’t necessarily alligator-arms as much as it was he tried to catch it, get away from a guy and run the ball.”

• “That could be the hardest thing for a true freshman to do is return punts. It kinda goes against human nature to stand there looking up in the air knowing you’ve got guys running at you who can hit you.”

• “He’s pretty talented, runs well, seems to be aggressive.”

On the Blocked PATs

• “Both were low kicks. The protection was fine.”

• “It hasn’t been an issue at all (the low trajectory up to this point in the season). That’s on Ben. He needs to get the ball elevated on PATs.”

• A reporter asked if Ben made some mechanical adjustments last season: “That’s what I was told but I don’t know enough about it to comment on it. But, yes, you’re correct. I heard somebody say something about a mechanical adjustment again and I’m ready for it.”

On the defense

• Coach was asked if they’re doing something different in how they practice getting turnovers: “We practice it. Allowed more time for it in the spring and the preseason than we ever have. Obviously it hasn’t worked.”

Great, Coach!

• He was asked about the development of Jordan Burton (20): “He’s been active. He’s learning on the run. He should be much better by the middle of the season.”

His journey through D-1, to JuCo, to Oklahoma State, “it’s made him realize how good players have it here at Oklahoma State University.” Love it!

• This was interesting on tackling: “It’s no secret we don’t tackle as well early in the season. We don’t hit the ground in the spring or in fall practice. That’s my decision as a coach.”

• “Haven’t had many guys turn down collisions.” Then went through nearly the entire defense by name…except 20…to say, “They’re showing signs of wanting to tackle and they’ll stick their face in there.”

On the offense

• GREAT line from Coach when asked what’s different this season about David Glidden: “He’s got longer hair. He still can’t get on the rides at Six Flags.” (!!!)

“Kyle (Fredrickson) asked about Burton. He’s played in two games, Glidden’s played in 40. He’s very savvy. He’s developed himself into a master of his craft.”

• On the OL: “Don’t think personnel moves are where we’re at right now. We’re better up front, but we still have a long ways to go. Right now we’re not even a good running team. We’re better than last year, but got a ways to go.”

• Apparently Rennie Childs mentioned that Gundy preaches to the RBs to keep a “poker face” when things don’t go right: “No reason to show disgust or anger toward a block or yourself when it’s not going to factor into the next play. You’re just wasting your time.” I like that.

• Then there was this on Rennie and the other RBs: “I’m just glad Rennie’s listening. I didn’t know he even paid enough attention to take that to heart. But, Rennie’s playing better – he’s running well, right?”

• “He needs more carries. Chris needs 18-20, Rennie deserves 12-14 and the Little Guy (again, !!! he’s talking Jeff Carr, by the way…) needs 6-8 right now. We’re trying to get enough plays to do that all the while still throwing the ball downfield 45 times.”

• Coach was asked if Carson’s hurdle made him cringe and had an oh-so-Gundy answer: “Not really. I want him to run however he wants to run. It’s good for our team. Gives me something to watch on YouTube with my kids on Sunday.”

• On Mason’s 6 misses: “After the game I said he missed 6 throws. He just missed 3. 3 of those were poor routes. That’s why I probably shouldn’t say as much as I do after games.”

On Zach Sinor

• “He’s really punting well. I don’t want to talk about his punting. You know how you don’t want to talk about a no-hitter in the 8th inning? I don’t’ want to talk about his punting.”

UTSA and Larry Coker

• “They’re the best defense we’ve see to this point. They’re very fundamentally sound. They’re good at what they do.”

• On Larry Coker: “He’s very important to our profession. He’s done well everywhere he’s been. He’s a class act. I’m not sure what happened in Miami, but he’s a good coach.”

Overall Status…and Bullet

• “I like our depth and speed on defense. I’m excited about our kicking game in all areas except the kicking. Like the development of our quarterback. Like the depth at receivers. Like the development of our running backs. We just have to become better run-blockers.”

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