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OSU Defensive End Victor Irokansi Retires from Football

He will remain on full scholarship for the remainder of college.



Victor Irokansi retired from football this weekend. Irokansi, a junior, had three tackles last season including a sack in the UTSA game. He went on Twitter on Saturday and wrote about what led him to retire from the sport.

“The past three years as an OSU football player have been filled with amazing memories and even more amazing people as I got to fulfill my childhood dream and play the game of football at the college level,” Irokansi wrote.

“I have also had to deal with a number of injuries and come back from a number of surgeries. Unfortunately, football comes to an end for everyone, and my most recent surgery has forced me to take my long-term health into consideration so I along with the people closest to me have decided that it would be best for me to retire from the game.

“I am thankful that I will remain on full scholarship until I graduate and I will also have a role with the team in the future as I pursue my next goal of graduating and getting into college coaching.”

You can read the whole thing here.

As the Oklahoman pointed out in the spring, Irokansi will be on medical scholarship.

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