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PFB Picks: Predictions for Oklahoma State’s Week 8 Matchup against West Virginia

OSU hasn’t lost in Morgantown since 2013.



The Cowboys head to Morgantown and a venue they haven’t lost at since 2013.

Oklahoma State plays West Virginia at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, where the Pokes will look to make it three wins in a row this season and solidify their standing as a dark horse in the race to Arlington. Here is how the PFB staff sees Saturday’s game playing out.

Marshall Scott

Score: Oklahoma State 30, West Virginia 27

Game MVP: Brennan Presley

Uniform: Black (cursive)-White-Orange

Thoughts: Alright, OSU, I’m ready to believe in you again. The Mountaineers have a relatively stout defense, but the Pokes have proven they can establish a run game over recent weeks, which opens up a lot.

I’m probably outplaying myself by not picking Ollie Gordon as the game MVP, but I think West Virginia’s path to victory is packing the box and forcing Alan Bowman to win the game. I think Presley will provide that security blanket with the Mountaineers funneling resources to try to stop Gordon.

Kyle Cox

Score: Oklahoma State 38, West Virginia 24

Game MVP: Alan Bowman

Uniform: Orange (Cursive)-White-Orange

Thoughts: After the Cowboys’ impressive rushing outing against Kansas, the Mountaineers are going to try to load up on the box which will leave several members of the Pokes’ burgeoning receiving corps with places to get open. And Bowman can find them.

I believe the Cowboys’ defense can build off its late momentum from last week (and OSU will need it to), but I think the key to success for the Cowboys is to put up points when they can.

Dekota Gregory

Score: Oklahoma State 30, West Virginia 27

Game MVP: Ollie Gordon

Uniform: Black (Brand) – White – Black

Thoughts: These two are almost always close when they meet in Morgantown. Alex Hale has been spectacular this season and a campaign like he’s had is due for a game-winning field goal.

Hale may end up being the hero of the day, but he’ll be lifted up on the shoulders of Ollie Gordon. Without Gordon getting the ball and doing his thing, this game won’t be close enough for Hale to make a difference. Gordon may honestly be my MVP prediction the rest of the way unless someone else proves I shouldn’t.

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