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Porter: Ranking the Top Five Uniforms of 2016



My fellow PFBers have already weighed in on their five favorite uniforms from 2016 while I was opining on Rickie Fowler’s best gear, but now it’s my turn to drop my mixtape. Here are the five best uniform combinations from last season.

I wanted to include the bowl game threads, but I just cannot do the Ed Hardy helmet. It’s too much for me. I understand why people like it, and I don’t bedowngrade you for it, but it’s not my jam.

Let’s get to work.

5.  All-White (Baylor)


Come at me! I liked the iced-out look at Baylor a lot. I’m not a big fan of Gargantuan Pete in general, but I thought it worked pretty well with this combination. It’s not their best monochromatic look (more on that in a minute), but it’s growing on me.

4. White-Orange-White (SE Louisiana)


The helmet is worth like five slots on the uni power rankings. It’s so perfect. I know we love to complain about the traditional W-O-W look, but this one popped because of the helmets. I hope they do it again against Tulsa this season.

3. All-Black (Texas)


I think the all-black is probably overrated, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great. I would prefer the brand on the helmet instead of the badge, but this popped so hard against Texas’ elite all-white look. If it wasn’t for that WVU-OSU Homecoming game, this might have been the Big 12 uni matchup of the season.

2. White-White-Black (TCU)


I’ve long been a sucker for the white-white-black look, dating back to the Tulsa game in 2011 when they still wore the cue ball helmets (albeit with the black brand instead of orange). This one looked especially good given the fact that TCU went with purple camo on the other side of the field (WE CAN STILL SEE KENNY TRILL, GARY!)

1. Black-Orange-White (West Virginia)


It wasn’t even close. This might be one of the 2-3 best combos ever.

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