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Randy Couture Bought Shute’s Log from Vision Quest



This write up is definitely focused on the wrestling base that jumps on this website. I appreciate you all and I really hope you appreciate this.

Oklahoma State legend, UFC Hall of Famer, and National Wrestling Hall of Fame “Outstanding American” Randy Couture purchased the log “Shute” from Vision Quest carried in this iconic scene from the movie.

Yes. The actual log that Shute walked up the bleachers with. This movie came out a few years before I was born, but given the very few wrestling movies out there it’s pretty iconic when it comes to the sport. My high school coach even named his kid after one of the characters in this movie. That’s the kind of following this movie has with the wrestling community.

This tweet sums it up well. I didn’t think Randy Couture could get any cooler, but now that this legendary piece of wrestling memorabilia is in the hands of this legendary Cowboy. It’s just awesome.

To add to it Frank Jasper, who played “Shute” in the movie, actually carried the log in at the USA Wrestling fundraising gala.

Posted by Frank Jasper on Friday, August 24, 2018

Ultimately you have to feel like any important piece of wrestling memorabilia belongs in the hands of Oklahoma State wrestling and it’s alumni. It’s really fitting that an Oklahoma State wrestler who’s carved out a pretty solid acting career is now the owner of probably the most iconic piece of wrestling movie memorabilia out there.

Randy, assistant coach Zack Esposito, and NCAA champ Mark Munoz all got together for this photo at the event.

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