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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 13

I really like the orange-orange-white combination Oklahoma State wore against Texas Tech last season.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Uniform No. 14: Orange-Orange-White
Worn: Home against Tech
Result: Win, 59-21

I didn’t think I liked these at first — and the photo above doesn’t really do them much justice — but I’ve become a really big fan of the orange-orange-white look OSU wore against Tech last year.

Again (and I will be saying this forever), the “OSU” on the helmets should be in black because good gosh, and I think this is probably another example of a helmet holding back a uniform combo from its true destiny, but all I can do is rank them as they’re worn.

Plus the orange Pete helmet makes these things appear like they’re the greatest things ever. Like an Oregon helmet had a helmet baby with an Alabama helmet.

While we’re here, and because I’ve been staring at this photo for 10 minutes, does anybody else wish the “Cowboys” across the chest was a little bigger? I don’t need it to be “Jayhawk on the floor of Lawrence Fieldhouse” big or anything but maybe just let it span the width of the numbers? I don’t know, I’m probably picking nits now because I really do like the unis but just something I’ve thought about.

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