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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 3

White-white-black gets our top three going.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Uniform No. 3: White (alternate)-White-Black
Worn: at Tulsa
Result: Win, 59-33

[Braces self for backlash on next three posts]

I think there were only three or four of us who actually saw these uniforms live but man, they were sweet.

Part of me doesn’t understand how you can look at that white helmet (again, not actually that white) with the black logo and not want to just post it all over every piece of uniform OSU has (looking at you, orange lids), the other part just wants it to be unique to the white helmet and wear it for ever game. It’s that good.

This is basically the at Texas uni, just with better helmets — I really have no clue how we haven’t worn this helmet since this game.

Finally, I give you this, for old time’s sake!

Previous rankings

22. Orange-Orange-Orange
21. Black-Orange-Orange
20. Black-Gray-Gray
19. White-Gray-White
18. Gray-Orange-Gray
17. Gray-White-Gray
16. White-Orange-White
15. Gray-Black-Gray
14. Black-Black-Black
13. Orange-Orange-White
12. White-Black-Black
11. Orange-White-Orange
10. Black-Black-Black
9. Carbon fiber-White-Gray
8. White-White-White
7. Black-White-Black
6. Black-Black-Orange
5. White-White-Gray
4. Black-Orange-White

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