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Tracking the 2017 Offense vs. the 2011 Offense After Game 1



The comparisons are undeniable. Potential first rounders at QB and wideout. One of the most versatile, electric running backs of the Gundy era. An offense set on throttling every team in its way en route to the postseason. An opportunistic defense that will rely on depth more than stars. No matter how you look at it, the 2017 season looks almost exactly like the 2011 season did.

Will it play out like that? Who knows, but we’re going to track what this year’s elite offense is doing compared to that one. That offense — known in many circles as that offense — holds most of the school records. Points in a season, TDs scored, passing attempts, completions and yards, passing TDs. As each game rolls on, we’re going to track how this year’s offense is living up to its elite predecessor.

Through Game 1, I’d say the answer is: “Pretty nicely.”

Thru Game 1 2011 2017
Yards 666 640
Yards per play 7.7 10.2
Rush yards 208 332
Yards per carry 4.7 8.97
Pass yards 458 308
Yards per attempt 10.7 11.8
Points 61 59*
Points per game 61 59
Points per drive 3.39 4.33
First downs 31 25
Leading passer Weeden — 388 YPG Rudolph — 303 YPG
Leading rusher Randle — 134 YPG Hill — 132 YPG
Leading receiver Blackmon — 144 YPG Washington — 145 YPG

*I know technically Oklahoma State’s defense scored seven of these points, but that’t not how it gets recorded in the record book at the end of the year.

The 2011 offense was more productive overall in Game 1, but the 2017 squad was more efficient. That 4.33 points per drive number is an absolute joke. So is the 10.2 yards per play. And I wouldn’t expect those to go down much against South Alabama.

Mike Gundy said he was surprised that OSU was able to overwhelm Tulsa like it did in Game 1. I was, too. This offense has been good in the last few years, but it hasn’t been elite. Through the first game of the year it has the look of what could be an all-time unit in Stillwater.

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