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Uniform Predictions: Game 3 vs. Pittsburgh



Kyle Porter and Justin Southwell took the lead over Carson Cunningham last week, but as Cunningham pointed out in their mailbag earlier this week, the season-long uni game is a marathon. What will we see this week at Heinz Field? The guys have some suggestions.

Kyle Porter

Feels like a white-white-black game, and I think we see Icy Pete on the shores of the Allegheny Ricer. The helmets have become as impossible to pick as the road jersey is easy, but I don’t think they go orange pants two weeks in a row, and I definitely don’t think they waste a white-out against Pitt in a 11 a.m. game.

Justin Southwell

The first time we saw the badge helmet was against Pitt last year in W-O-W. I think the Badge would look good in all white even if it’s not as icy as the Icy Pete combo from last season vs. Baylor. This will be the third W of the season so it makes sense to wear W-W-W.

Carson Cunningham

One for me (sips COOP) … and one for the brand …

As much as I would love to see the white brand helmet worn in the Cotton Bowl, I can’t realistically predict a brand helmet until I see one. It’s been 14 (!) games since we’ve seen the brand and I’m beginning to feel like Mel Gibson in “Ransom.”

Seriously, how good would this helmet look with the new jersey with black digits black pants?

While I do think it’s early for black-white-black, it’s a color combination they will likely wear more than once because it looks so good. They’ve worn it twice in the same year in the past with the same helmet. That’s no longer an issue with all of the lid options.

I’ll go full Oreo: Black (Phantom Pete chrome facemask worn vs. CMU last year) white, black.

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