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Wednesday Mailbag: Would this OSU team have more wins with JW Walsh at the helm?

Also, I am asked to resign from my position as editor of Pistols Firing. I’m heavily considering it.



JW Walsh balling against FSU. (USATSI)

JW Walsh balling against FSU. (USATSI)

Welcome back to the mailbag — thanks, as always, for your questions.

I’m just not sure which games OSU would have won/will win with JW instead of Daxx. Not TCU, not Kansas State, not OU, not Baylor and probably not West Virginia — though that might have gone differently. So….Texas? I guess that’s possible.

I do think this offense is more dynamic with No. 4 back there — I’m not sure if that means better. Somehow all the defensive lines OSU faces seem to get better as the season wears on and OSU’s offensive line keeps regressing.

Kansas State has 10 conference play sacks on the season, five were against us. Michael Vick circa Blacksburg couldn’t save that.

I’ll say this team would have one more win by the end of the season — either Texas or WVU — if Walsh had played all year instead of Daxx.

That’s a tremendous question.

I’m going to say Dez. His trajectory as it stands right now is as a Hall of Famer. You can’t say the same for the other two (although Smart’s sample size is entirely too small).

I go back to who would you be the least surprised to see in their respective Hall of Fame and that answer is easily Dez. Not even close.

We might find out soon.

That’s amazing.

One.[1. She’s a tough get, though.]

Do we still run the air raid? That’s not a hypothetical, rhetorical question — I legitimately don’t know whether we run it anymore.

With this offense I’d have to take Zac. Chelf is a rich man’s Daxx with some wheels which, with a good offensive line, is good enough to be All-Big 12. With this line it might not be good enough to be All-Payne County.

I’m so irrational about Brandon Weeden it’s unbelievable. Even watching the Dallas game last week I know he wasn’t very good but I was still able to explain away all his shortcomings in my head.

It’s like having a kid, really. I know deep down that my kid is definitely not the cutest/smartest/most well-behaved but it’s hard to disassociate yourself from that because you love them and have a familiarity with them that’s unparalleled.

The answer might be that somebody else could have taken that team to the title game but I wouldn’t choose anyone else to have tried to do it.

That 2013 defense was the fifth-best in the nation in points per drive given up and the second-best at points per drive given up on 80+ yard drives. It also created the fifth-most turnovers in the country.

In short, the argument could be made that it was the second or third-best defense in the country last season behind Michigan State and Florida State.

Will this defense be the second (or fifth? or 20th?) best in the country two years from now? I don’t think it will. I think it will be a really, really good D, but that one from last year was underappreciated and elite.

I might get pomp glue in my hair so no.

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