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Week 5 Uniform Review: Cowboys Still Undefeated in Uni Matchups

Look good, play well enough to win.



Oklahoma State continues to win on the field and in the uniform game. Carson Cunningham and I were hoping to see a black-gray-black combination[1.Colorado did this against Oregon!] of sorts, but when the Pokes came out for warm-ups in white-black-white, we couldn’t complain. It’s easily one of the cleanest looks for the Cowboys. Saturday gave us another alternate helmet to enjoy with the black jersey and white pants.

The best thing about this helmet is how well the black stripe and black facemask work together on white. Personally, I like the OSU brand logo on this helmet, but I like that the equipment staff is mixing it up enough to get a unique look out of a slick combo. We’ve already seen the other version a couple of times.[1. Baylor 2013, Iowa State 2014.]

Let’s talk about Phantom Pete (at least that’s what I call him). I’ve heard several different names for this logo: Phantom Pete, Shadow Pete, Emo Pete, Gothic Pete, Cowboys 4Ever Pete, and on the radio this weekend he was identified as Angry Pete (because of the orange eye). I don’t think Angry Pete works because the classic Pistol Pete looks just as angry in orange. I think we need to get to the bottom of this because I’d like to call it by the official name.

I digress. Whatever the name, this logo is growing on me. I think it looks cooler on the black helmet, but it really looked good on white alternate helmet with the black jersey and white pants (even more so than at West Virginia when we wore the helmet with a white jersey and black pants). Maybe it’s because the logo is also on the pants and it pops more on the white pants than on black.

I’m a little surprised that we haven’t seen a Pistol Pete version of this helmet yet. We’ve got the orange stripe on the Bronc Rider helmet; is there a chance we could see the classic Pete on a white alternate?

It will be interesting to see the combos moving forward because it seems like they have gotten progressively better each game. They need to keep dishing out legit combos because right now it seems like the Cowboys are living by an interesting concept: look good, play well enough to win.

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