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Brandon Weeden Speaks Bluntly on OSU’s Relationship with Alums

Weeden says he hopes this discussion makes a lightbulb go off for those in high places.



Oklahoma State starting its Ring of Honor has brought up a broader conversation about the football program’s alumni relations.

Thurman Thomas, who will be OSU’s inaugural Ring of Honor member Saturday, said in an interview this week that he wishes his relationship with OSU coach Mike Gundy and the university was stronger and that he hopes his induction can help bridge that gap for all OSU football alums.

Brandon Weeden, arguably the greatest quarterback in program history, shared similar sentiments in an interview with KOCO’s (and the Pistols Firing Podcast’s) Carson Cunningham in an interview that aired on KOCO’s pregame show.

“I haven’t really been vocal about that publicly, but I’ve said that for many of years,” Weeden said. “I’ve had buddies that have played at OU or other places across the country that are legit programs like Oklahoma State is, and the way their former players are treated is just so much different.

“I’m not smart enough to figure it all out, but they need to get these former players involved. Thurman hit the nail on the head in my opinion. Coming from that guy, obviously, people are gonna listen. Hopefully a lightbulb when off for some people that make some decisions and have the pull up there.”

Thomas also mentioned the “school down the street,” and how he was tired of seeing all the stuff Oklahoma did with its former players.

It’s hard to say who would be in charge of this or exactly how it needs to be changed. There is a hope, especially for Thomas, that this Ring of Honor will be something that reunites former Cowboys with the program.

“Everybody loves Oklahoma State,” Weeden said. “If you played at Oklahoma State, you love Oklahoma State, and you wanna be a part of it. It’s a family atmosphere; they stress that up there. And when you leave, it’s kinda like you’re gone forever. It’s kinda sad to see.”


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