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Bullets: Bedlam ratings were down almost 50 percent

Kevin Peterson on Van Malone, OSU’s outlook for 2015 is bright, the most disappointing teams in CFB (not OSU!)





Bedlam TV ratings were down 48 percent from last year which is unfortunate because this year’s game was 10x better. The dirty secret of that 2013 game is that it wasn’t very well played until the fourth quarter (much like the 2013 Masters). (NewsOK)

Extended Bedlam highlights including players chanting Gundy’s name in the locker room. (PFB)

New uniforms for the four Playoff teams. (Yahoo)

Kevin Peterson on Van Malone leaving: “”He’s a really good coach and he’s a really good friend as well. He and I talk more about life than we actually do about football.” (Scout)

Berry Tramel says OSU’s outlook for 2015 is one of the three best in the Big 12 solely based on its QB play. (NewsOK)

The Duke coach turned down the Michigan job. El Oh El. (Yahoo)

The six most disappointing teams in college football. We aren’t one of them! OU is! (Big Lead)

Where were you during Tyreek’s return? (NewsOK)

Justin Gilbert had a pick six on Andrew Luck over the weekend. (PFB)

If committee members were romanced by the name on the jersey, they were challenged by that. If they voted Ohio State ahead of Baylor or TCU, they had to have reasons, beyond infatuation with the Buckeye brand and little knowledge of the Texas hamlets of Fort Worth and Waco.

Meh, there’s a specific case for all three but they picked the one that most benefitted college football as a whole. (NewsOK)

This is tremendous.

Because the College Football Playoff correctly realized that controversy sells. It did in the poll era, it did in the BCS era, and it will in the playoff era — so long as it stays at four teams. (Tulsa World)

Cincinnati to the Big 12, eh? (Yahoo)

While Bowlsby was handing out trophies like he was at a youth soccer tournament, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney took the state and touted Ohio State as one of the best four teams in the country. (Fox SW)

OKC Dave, Carson Cunningham, Matt Amilian and I had an emergency Bedlam email thread and it was really fun. (PFB)

These Navy unis though. (Yahoo)

Mark Emmert: “I do believe the next 36 to 48 months are going to be really, really important in the history of college sports and whether college sports survives as we know it today. It’s going to be very dynamic, that’s for sure.” (CBS)

Some good details here on when Urban Meyer found out tOSU was in the Playoff. I’ll link to the Yahoo version of the Sports Illustrated story for obvious reasons. (Yahoo)

Here’s the Bedlam nerd box score. (PFB)

That’s one hell of a way to (eventually) lose a game. Your star running back gets hurt, you blow a 14-point lead in the last five minutes, and you lose in OT. “One hell of a way to lose a game” has been OSU’s war cry for the history of Bedlam. (Football Study Hall)

Advertising kits for 2015 are completed. Let me know if you want one. Almost 5 million pageviews in 2014! (PFB)

This would be a huge get for OSU.

Some humor in this tweet.

Don’t think I posted this but here’s Desmond Roland after Bedlam.


Not that it means much but, uh, TCU is 9-0. (Big 12 Sports)

We should have scheduled Michigan this year. (Yahoo)

I’m all in on awkward dad dance cam. (Big Lead)

Hah, this is Bill Self’s way of saying “I have the easiest job in the country!” (Big 12 Sports)

Uh oh. (Deadspin)

Awesome commercial.

Other sports

If you’re a Tiger fan, rejoice. He’s going to have a big 2015. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

The thing about a clean sheet of paper. (Godin)

The skiing line of the year. (Kottke)

Research shows that workers make it, on average, only 11 minutes into a project before being distracted. It then takes 25 minutes for them to return back to their task. I love this post. (99U)

Somebody on Twitter sent me this a few weeks ago about net neutrality (sorry, don’t remember who) and I finally got around to reading it. It’s excellent. (Sweet Talk Conversation)

I’m often struck by how the simplest things often appear as the most brilliant. (Domino Project)

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