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Daily Bullets

Bullets: Can I interest you in some fried brisket?

A great story on James Washington, Tre Flowers on getting nervous, and Mike Cobbins gives a basketball update.





Ubben’s annual foray into the fried foods section of the Texas State Fair is always highly entertaining — I even went with him last year. This year is no different. Fried brisket?! (Fox SW)

Good look here at conference road debuts for past OSU QBs. I’m glad Daxx’s is coming in Lawrence. (NewsOK)

Fifty percent of Big 12 quarterbacks are in the top 25 for passing yards a game with just one of those a senior. No other league has a higher percentage. (Big 12 Sports)

Great James Washington story here. Must read of the day. (NewsOK)

That college football fan map from the New York Times — let’s take a look at the state of Oklahoma. (PFB)

I forgot that Glenn Spencer was in the booth for that Blackmon fumble out of the end zone against A&M. That look! (NewsOK)

Robert Allen said on the radio after the half that the staff spent a considerable amount of time together discussing how to clear up the communication “from the booth to the field.” (CRFF)

Is there discord between Mike Gundy and Mike Yurcich? I tried to be smart about the way I did this. I’m not saying there is but I’m not saying there isn’t either. Yurcich hasn’t been elite which is tough to swallow after three years of being elite. (PFB)

Kansas hasn’t named a starting QB. Yikes. (NewsOK)

Tre Flowers: “If you’re not nervous, I don’t know what you’re doing.” Also said he was part of the “Money Team” in high school. Hmm. (O’Colly)

Charlie Strong says Texas needs to “learn how to win.” Am I poking a sleeping bear or is this whole thing just comical? (Yahoo)

On the offensive line: To be honest, if that group consistently performed like it did against Florida State, they wouldn’t be the biggest question mark on the team. It’s an area I think can improve, like it did last season, and help the offense go to another level during the second half of the year, like it did last year. (ESPN)

Great stuff on the Big 12 and how it can get teams into the College Football Playoff. Also, Jim Harbaugh to Kansas?! (Fox SW)

The best GIFs from Saturday. Two Seales catches got overshadowed by The Cheetah. (PFB)

Kansas’ Big 12 record since 2009 is 3-42. (Tulsa World)

The Heisman odds continue to fascinate me. Bryce Petty at 33-1? Interesting… (CBS Sports)

Gundy: “Even a guy like (Brandon) Weeden, a guy as smart as he is, it took him five, eight games before he felt comfortable talking about what he thought was a good plan for the second half.” (247)

The ESPN guys agree with me that OU is still going to win the Big 12. (ESPN)

This week’s Uni Roundtable got weird (per the usual). (PFB)

This seems like it’s going to be fun.


Awesome, highlight other folks who empty the tank on Saturdays.


Dan Shanoff with an interesting note here that if he had a ton of cash he would buy an NBA D-League team because he thinks we’re pretty close to a high schooler skipping college to go straight to the D-League. I’m not sure I disagree. (Tiny Letter)

By the way, you should sign up for Shanoff’s newsletter. He’s really smart. (Tiny Letter)

Pretty strong Jawun Evans mixtape video here. Little CP3 to him? (PFB)

Three good questions for the 2014-15 basketball season. I have about 300 more. (Tulsa World)

Elijah Thomas loves emojis and might pick Stillwater. (PFB)


This is great.

Other sports

Baseball! We have a baseball update from Aaron Schnautz. Not sure if you guys remember that sport…in all seriousness though, good stuff from Aaron about what to expect this offseason and in 2015. (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

Why I bought a house in Detroit for $500. (BuzzFeed)

Interesting new kids book written by one of my favorite sportswriters alive right now. (Time)

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