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Daily Bullets

Bullets: Daxx Garman has some colorful tattoos

Gundy sounds like a fan, Jhajuan Seales got to know the StairMaster, and Leyton Hammonds picks MJ.




Forgot to mention this on Monday but I’m pretty pumped for Matt Amilian’s first kid — may the best baby win the starting SS job in 2033 as Josh Holliday’s career winds down in Stillwater.


Five things you might now know about Daxx Garman. (NewsOK)

Here’s one of his tats.

The Jhajuan Seales punishment sounds like fun. (NewsOK)

Dez Bryant split with his agent recently. Interesting. (Fox SW)

Gundy is a far better coach than he gets credit for but this really sort of sounds like the way you and I think about a game and not the way a Big 12 coach should.. (Tulsa World)

Kansas State is secretly a monstrosity on offense. And OSU is worse than Iowa State right now. (NewsOK)

Is OSU’s defense really on the field too long? (PFB)

If more of those 2011 freshmen had panned out, stuck around, not gotten in trouble, not left early for the NFL or simply been better players, some of what’s happening at OSU right now might have been avoided. (Tulsa World)

Good Big 12 awards for the week from Ubben here. Gary Patterson said TCU was sloppy in putting up 82 on Tech?! (Fox SW)

Was F. Scott Fitzgerald one of football’s great innovators? (Deadspin)

OSU picked up an ATH on Monday. (PFB)

Devin Davis’ absence is hurting Oklahoma State more than you might think. (Tulsa World)

It’s not sexy and it’s not very revealing, but if Yurcich were up there blaming the offensive line, blaming Garman, blaming any of the offensive players then he’s really not a coach you’d want to have around. (Scout)

Week 8 in the NFL: Justin Gilbert is making plays. (PFB)

No means no. (Deadspin)

These win probability graphs are awesome. (Football Study Hall)

The nerd box score isn’t necessarily better this week but it’s certainly different. (PFB)

The hits keep on coming in Tallahassee (literally!) (CBS Sports)

Texas doesn’t sound very worries about that Joe Wickline lawsuit. (NewsOK)


I hate admitting this but I’ve become a Joakim Noah fan. This profile of him is terrific. (Grantland)

I like Leyton Hammonds. His “Jordan” answer is hilarious.

Other sports

Last golf event of the fall and OSU leads after the first day. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

If I have access to the Internet, there’s not a book on the planet that has a shot of getting my undivided attention. (Acuff)

We have greater freedom to direct our lives and do what we want, marry who we want, and blog and tweet what we think. Is it possible that individualism has increased while the locus of control has become more external? (250 Words)

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