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Bullets: Gundy’s backup QB policy is intriguing, and new

Is OSU schizophrenic (?), Mason Rudolph buzz, and how the Ray Rice stuff makes OU look good.





Tremendous piece here on the backup QB policy Gundy has in place. I agree with all of this. (NewsOK)

Good roundup of Cowboys in the NFL after Week 1. (CRFF)

Five things we learned from the OSU-Missouri State game. (PFB)

Oklahoma State showed some schizophrenic tendencies in its first two games. The Cowboys lost but for the most part looked very strong away from home against defending national champion and consensus No. 1 Florida State. (Tulsa World)

I really hope this is how the selection committee selects. (NewsOK)

Great stuff from somebody who was at the media days luncheon. I find the Mason Rudolph comments pretty interesting. Opening a big can of worms in a lot of different directions, and such. (O’Colly)

These Texas Tech uniforms are amazing. Can you imagine what Nike could do?! (CBS Sports)

Cool look at how the Paddle People paddle. (CRFF)

Good recap of the college football weekend here by Tom Fornelli. Not too serious but still insightful and entertaining. Well done. (CBS Sports)

Once again, we see what happens when an “arm” guides the offense, and Walsh’s injury has totally bailed out Gundy, but I’ll bet “OR” starts at QB next week. This team is young and talented, which makes them just as much of a danger to everyone else as they are to themselves. (CRFF)

Notes and video of Mike Gundy’s Monday presser by Clint Davison. Great work here. (PFB)

Les Miles on his freshman running back striking the Heisman on Saturday: “I think it’s a little premature to launch a Heisman candidacy. I think that he needs to realize too that this is a team. It has nothing to do with a personal liberty.” (Yahoo)

Walsh gets his boot off today. Yay! (PFB)

Interesting point here on whether or not it’s actually Rudolph who should be the guy. (CRFF)

So Sam Mayes had bad info on the Walsh injury…? I’m interested to see how this plays out. Do we really think Gundy doesn’t know what the x-rays said on Saturday? (NewsOK)

Bye, FSU’s uniforms. (Big Lead)

How the Ray Rice video makes OU look good. (NewsOK)

I am dying at this Jimmy Johnson Vine. Holy cow, what is he doing?! (Deadspin)

ICYMI: Daxx’s dad throwing a bag of ice at a reporter in an OU shirt from five years. (PFB)

“There’s some carryover from last week which is concerning.”

Keith Olbermann calls for Roger Goodell’s head.


Play of the week nominee.


Self is not merely an admirer of Brooks’ music, but a longtime friend. The two former Oklahoma State student-athletes — Brooks was on a partial track scholarship — lived in the Iba Hall athletic dorm in the early 1980s. According to the Lawrence Journal-World, Self used to “encourage” Brooks’ musical ambitions around the dorm and would attend his early shows at clubs in the Stillwater area. (ESPN)

Other sports

Morgan Hoffmann did some crazy stuff at the BMW Championship last weekend. (PFB)

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Why do we give people such access to us? Why do we read what every random asshole says two seconds after we post anything? We allow people access to us 24/7.

We’re always in public, constantly checking an anonymous comment box, trying to explain ourselves to everyone, and trying to win unwinnable arguments with strangers who don’t matter in our lives at all. (Austin Kleon)

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