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Bullets: Is OSU’s bad season affecting recruiting for 2015?

Big 12 projections, how to watch film, and John Smith previews the wrestling season.





What if Nebraska never left the Big 12. I’m still bummed that they did. (Omaha)

The Cowboys are concerned about giving Dez a lot of money? Said every team about every 24-year-old superstar ever. (Yahoo)

Cool article on how much film study OSU does and how they do it. For my money I’d bet Ryan Simmons is in there most often. (O’Colly)

Mailbag Wednesday — in which I was asked to resign from Pistols Firing! (PFB)

The NCAA is somehow getting dumber. (Yahoo)

How is OSU’s awful season affecting recruiting? (NewsOK)

Rennie Childs wants to be invisible. Mike Yurcich is working on making that happen. (okstate)

I’d say this is about as Mike Gundy as it gets when it comes to recruiting. (NewsOK)

I’m not going to address this again because it’s the apex of stupidity but for the final time…in the post I wrote about Greeks leaving Homecoming early I blamed OSU for distributing awards at halftime because it created a scenario in which Greeks who don’t usually come to games come to that one and then are incentivized to leave at halftime. That’s all. Don’t make it something it isn’t. (Odyssey Online)

Is Marcus Mariota really going to win the Heisman? I really can’t see that. (Yahoo)

The Big 12 projections are pretty interesting. There’s still a better than 50/50 chance that OSU goes to a bowl according to advanced metrics. Not sure if there’s a Yurcich factor built into those. (Football Study Hall)

Kansas hired the guy who helped hire Les Miles to OSU to help with its coaching search. (Yahoo)

The Smart Football glossary post is tremendous. (Smart Football)


Pretty good basketball mini-preview here. (Big 12 Sports)

I ranked all the GIA courts. (PFB)

Simmons and Zach Lowe discuss Marcus Smart at the 23:40 mark here. Simmons says he’s all in and Lowe says Smart won’t be a star as long as he can’t shoot. (Grantland)

Gordon Hayward, boss. (Big Lead)

Travis Ford favorited some strange tweets and then I posted about them and he un-favorited all but one. Weird. (PFB)

Here’s a video preview of the OSU season.

Other sports

I picked Rickie Fowler to win Shanghai this week. (CBS Sports) He’s in second. I haven’t picked a winner in over a year (how do you still have your job?!) (CBS Sports)

Baylor beat OSU in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 soccer tournament. Bummer. (Big 12 Sports)

Speaking of the Big 12 soccer tournament….KANSAS’ UNIS! (Big 12 Sports)

John Smith previews each weight class for the upcoming wrestling season. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

I’m thinking about building one of these in my backyard. Maybe make the floor that 1957 version of GIA. (Apartment Therapy)

“I speak English, the language Jesus spoke.”

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