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Bullets: Joe Wickline doesn’t want a trial in Oklahoma

Would Tyreek leave for the NFL, can Tyrone out-duel Daxx, and Oklahoma loves itself some football.





Great stuff here on Nathan Peterson. Complements the interview Amilian did with him in 2012 nicely. (NewsOK)

Jeremy Seaton on Mike Yurcich calling him one of the more important offensive players OSU has: “That’s nice to hear, but I don’t know if that’s true. There’s definitely a lot of guys on the team that are making a lot more plays than I am.” (O’Colly)

Dez does London. (PFB)

Texas’ defensive front is starting to play really well. Yay! (NewsOK)

At least Tyrone Swoopes is still dicey. Although it probably won’t take much to outplay Daxx. (NewsOK)

The Dez Bryant Smear season is upon us. (Deadspin)

As this is OSU, they do not use a successful concept multiple times, for fear of having it actually work more than once. This is a great post on how to use The Freek. (CRFF)

Joe Wickline says getting a fair trial in the state of Oklahoma would be impossible. (ESPN)

Good recap of Week 11 in the Big 12 from Tyler Ames here. (PFB)

Pretty interesting column here from Jenni Carlson on how OU and OSU aren’t pleasing their fans and how they don’t seem to be too worried about it. (NewsOK)

OSU is one of the most college football-loving states in the US. (NYT)

I always love Tom Fornelli’s “these 10 things” and this week’s was terrific. (CBS Sports)

Notes on Mike Gundy’s Monday presser — I loved what he said about the seniors. (PFB)

LeBron won’t let his kids play football. Pretty interesting. (Big Lead)

If you’re into advanced stats, this is awesome.

The 10-9 combined record between the Cowboys and Longhorns is the worst heading into the game since 1968, when they were a combined 0-2-1 going into an early-season meeting. (Tulsa World)


The underappreciated work of Le’Bryan Nash.[1. Does anyone even care about basketball or should I just take a few months off and get back at it when baseball starts?] (PFB)

This is awesome. A two-time plane crash survivor scored for Michigan last night. (CBS Sports)

John Calipari says his Kentucky team would get stroked by any NBA team. He’s right. (Yahoo)

It doesn’t sound like Markel Brown is going to play anytime soon. (Tulsa World)

Why the Thunder shouldn’t tank this season. (Daily Thunder)

Missed this yesterday but here’s Travis Ford’s presser from Saturday.

Other sports

The Cowgirls got into the NCAA Tournament in soccer. They’ll face Arizona in the first round (still hate you, Salim). (Big 12 Sports)

I’m not sure whoever is writing these knows the new PGA Tour season has already started.. (okstate)

This cricket catch is unreal. (Deadspin)

Good job, good effort. Don’t cheat in marathons. (Deadspin)

This is pretty good.

More stuff I’m reading

Just finished reading this yesterday. Not for everybody but if you’re interested it’s a solid read. (Amazon)

Why BuzzFeed doesn’t do clickbait. (BuzzFeed)

Writing with kids. (Cari Luna)

On sharing on Facebook and what’s culturally relevant when it comes to what we’re reading and consuming online. (Medium)

This is something else. I just….wow. h/t Amilian

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