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Bullets: Justin Blackmon has checked into rehab

Great story on the Paddle People and there seems to be a discussion about whether or not Daxx is good.





81 has voluntarily checked into a rehab program which is excellent. (AP)

Great story on the Paddle People. The “we’re in mid-season form” line killed me. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy talks about being the best-dancing coach in the country on the Doug Gottlieb Show. (PFB)

For example, in the 2000s, guess which OSU quarterback had the highest yards-per-pass figure, before Garman? Try Donovan Woods in 2004, 16.8 yards per attempt. (NewsOK)

Why Daxx being effective with the deep ball is important. I’m surprised folks disagreed so much with this. (PFB)

I like this: Disagreement on whether or not Daxx is actually good. (CRFF)

The Wednesday Mailbag was really, really fun. Great questions from everyone. (PFB)

Chris Lacy sounds more dedicated to school than I was. A lot of people might look at him and see a tall nerd. But he’s a beast on the football field when those lights come on. (NewsOK)

Auburn sent Kansas State a letter saying it was the best road environment they’d ever played in? Stick that in your pipe, Pawl. (Big 12 Sports)

Ubben says Pokes by 20. (Fox SW)

Ranking the 10 best defensive players for OSU this season. (PFB)

Spencer on my man Ramon from last Thursday: “I thought, ‘He’s having more fun than anybody in that stadium.” (Tulsa World)

Air Force’s new helmets look like our old basketball lanes. (CBS Sports)

For the playoff, we’ll probably watch a few Tom Emanski instructional videos. It’s not football, but that kind of genius shouldn’t be limited to one sport. (CRFF)

Daxx is No. 4 in the Big 12 so far in QBR. (ESPN)

I’m a fan.


OSU landed the No. 3 PG in the nation on Wednesday. (PFB)

The biggest target remaining for Oklahoma State is Elijah Thomas; his recruitment could wind up being another battle between Illinois and Oklahoma State. Thomas is close with Evans, and the two have said in the past that they might want to play with each other in college.

However, those sentiments have waned in recent weeks, as the idea of Evans and Thomas being a “package deal” was essentially shot down by Thomas. (CBS Sports)

Jay Bilas in, Dick Vitale out on the Saturday night game on ESPN. (Big Lead)

This is going to be awesome.

Other sports

This from Shane Ryan on Gleneagles is really good. Shane’s a great writer and he had a lot to work with. (Golf Digest)

More stuff I’m reading

Good story on Mitt Romney here. The odds of him running are the same as Daxx throwing a 30-yard pass next game. (NYT)

What a $23,000 flight is like. Via Nate Klein (Medium)

Why Simmons needs ESPN more than ESPN needs him. (Sports on Earth)

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