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Bullets: Kingsbury says OSU should run the ball ‘every time’

Mike Holder thinks OSU is ahead of schedule for this season and will Baker Mayfield play?





Kingsbury on whether or not OSU should run the ball on his Tech team: “I would. After watching the Arkansas game, I’d try to hand it off every time.” (Big 12 Sports)

Week 4 Big 12 recap. (PFB)

Mike Holder: “From my perspective, I had some reservations about this season. A lot of youth, and you wonder where your leadership’s going to come from. I knew we had some good athletes, but you really don’t know how that translates into big-time football players.” (ESPN)

I love Tom Fornelli’s weekly 10 Things about the college football weekend. Tremendous stuff. Sad UConn fan! (CBS Sports)

I feel bad for David Ash. That’s a rough way to end your career. (Yahoo)

As for the rest of the Texas team — let’s check in. Yep, still all the LOLs. (Yahoo)

Austin Hays: “We should be the only game on TV, I think. It should be a packed house here and it’ll be fun. It’s a night game, the first game of conference, everybody’s excited.” (O’Colly)

So there’s a 90 percent chance either Baylor or OU will win the Big 12 title. (ESPN)

Pretty interesting stuff here — if you start 2-1 you historically have about a 50 percent chance of winning eight or more games. (SB Nation)

Interesting quote from Legoman here: “You can’t let a film affect who you are. You go and do what you do and get the ball to guys who can make plays in space.” (NewsOK)

Nobody has any idea what’s going on with Baker Mayfield. (Fox SW)

HeisenGundy! (PFB)

And you guys think we’re obsessed with unis. You need to see some of the emails Berry Tramel got this week! (NewsOK)

Good stuff here on what OSU guys did in the NFL last week. (PFB)

I don’t know what’s going on with these Louisville unis. Zero ideas. (CBS Sports)

Pretty unintentionally funny Kansas header here. Also, lot of bro going on when Kliff recruited Daxx. (NewsOK)

The Tech defensive coordinator firing continues to be very strange. (Viva the Matadors)

I wrote about Jameis, OU, Oregon, and why Saban is king. (PFB)

This guy.


Josh Pastner finally got an iPhone — see why that’s funny. (Yahoo)

Other sports

OSU with another top five recruiting class in baseball. (okstate)

I’m ready. Fowler is going to have to be a monster.

More stuff I’m reading

The accidental clipboard system. Maybe I need to start using this. (Kleon)

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