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Bullets: Mike Gundy steps in to help the offense

You can watch OSU baseball on Tuesday, Mike Yurcich is still coaching, and TCU is complaining about playcalling?





Mike Gundy steps in to help the offense. (NewsOK)

While he may not monitor tweets or listen to talk radio, Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich apparently is aware of the discontent expressed by some Cowboy fans. (Tulsa World)

Robert Allen confirms that Mike Yurcich did not in fact get fired. I just… (Scout)

Interesting: Berry has Auburn at No. 4 based on how the Playoff committee would think. (NewsOK)

Haha, this fake conversation involving Yurcich/Gundy/Spencer is great. (CRFF)

Stoops is losing control of the ship (probably! or something like that!) (Yahoo)

TCU blog –> What the heck was up with the play calling? If I never see a fade pass thrown in to the end zone or two the sideline again, I’ll be fine. MAYBE THEY’LL GIVE US MEACHAM! (Frogs O’ War)

Daniel Koenig says Michael Wilson should have been starting all season. (Tulsa World)

Good notes here on Gundy’s Monday presser. (PFB)

This is actually a really good point: OSU isn’t that far from what Mississippi State is doing this season. (NewsOK)

I forgot about Les going off on Columbus Day last year! (CBS Sports)

Great Tyreek infographic here from Michael Lane. (PFB)

I love how Gundy’s (thumbs down fart noise) was written. (NewsOK)

The real problem with OSU’s offense. (PFB)

Here’s Robert Allen throwing a bunch of meaningless numbers at me but yeah I like what Spencer says here that the game isn’t about the coaches. (Scout)

Wait, the Baylor-TCU game-winner is being referred to as “the kick”? (CBS Sports)

Pokes in the pros recap here: Dan Bailey set a new NFL record for accuracy. (PFB)

I would pay $10 to know what this Baylor player said to Gary Patterson after the game. It sure doesn’t look like a “threat” though and Patterson seems like the kind of guy to make mountains out of molehills. (Yahoo)

You might not remember what Glenn Spencer called the play of the game from Emmanuel Ogbah. (NewsOK)

The nerd box score from Saturday is NSFW. (PFB)

Yurcich on Daxx: “You want your quarterback to be erect after every snap, so we have to do a better job protecting them. At the same time, we have to do a better job getting the ball out on time.” (O’Colly)

I am floored that Jameis Winston might have done something he shouldn’t have. (CBS Sports)

Who knows, with a win, the Wildcats and Cowboys could even sneak into the playoff discussion, too. (ESPN)

As always, Tom Fornelli’s 10 things this week are great. How about the Michigan punt returner dance? Can Tyreek get in on that? (CBS Sports)

Spencer4Prez — here’s his Monday interview.


Media day on Wednesday. I’m strangely (masochistically?) excited. (Big 12 Sports)

Is Marcus Smart really this bad at shooting? Yes, yes he is. (WEEI)

Ford sure isn’t going to leave the cupboard bare.

KD’s pool table is pretty cool. (Fox SW)

Other sports

You can watch OSU’s exhibition baseball game today. (YouTube)

This one looks great.

Mahan, from way downtown!

More stuff I’m reading

Cool collection of campus shots here. (Flickr)

Finding a video poker bug made these guys rich—then Vegas made them pay. (Wired)

“…But for her, there is nothing like the excitement of choosing her own book and bringing it home from the library.” (NYT)

This is tremendous.

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