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Daily Bullets

Bullets: Le’Bryan Nash (finally) added to Naismith list

We got our own Hansbrough brother, you’d probably rather be an elite recruit from Oklahoma than Texas and baseball starts today!




Basketball misc.

We have our very own Tyler Hansbrough, y’all. (Tulsa World)

Wait, so Le’Bryan wasn’t on the Naismith Midseason 50 watch list but be IS on the Naismith Midseason 30? Got it. Btw, it was absurd that he wasn’t on the top 50. (Big 12 Sports)

A KU assistant is getting suspended for possessing weed. (CBS)

If the 2000 team isn’t in the faux title game I’m not going to be pleased. (CRFF)

The top 10 dunks in NCAA history…as ushered in by Bob Kurland. (ESPN)

OSU hasn’t lost to TCU since I was one. (okstate)

I think this is the definition of “misc.” — Desmond Mason sold a tequila bottle painting to George Clooney one time. (PFB)

Travis Ford thinks there are coaches who have done a lot less but have gotten extensions on their contracts. Also, this is a cool article. (PFB)

Cameron Ridley almost took down a basket. (Big Lead)

Jim Littell on the Big 12: “I’ve been in this league ten years and I’ve never seen the logjam there is now.” (O’Colly)

Ford previews TCU.

This never gets old (ever).

Football misc.

On the OSU offensive line: Crabtree will be able to stick on the right side, too, thanks to the mid-semester arrival of transfer Victor Salako, who started two years for UAB and is expected to man left tackle for the Pokes. (ESPN)

Oh good, Kliff Kingsbury isn’t expecting any QB transfers. (Yahoo)

Speaking of…I didn’t think about this…but the title game really was a lesson for QBs buried on the depth chart. (Fox SW)

I’m not real excited about all the offseason attention OSU is getting right now. (Scout)

Boone Pickens gave James Castleman a “quote of the year” award. (PFB)

It’s doubtful that new USC Trojans offensive line coach and run game coordinator Bob Connelly, formerly of Oklahoma State, ever figured he’d be in the crosshairs of such intense Internet chatter and media speculation before he even stepped onto Howard Jones Field for spring practice. (ESPN Insider)


It’s going to be a bummer whenever our annual ritual of signing a defensive back from a school north of us is broken. Good interview here with the latest. (NewsOK)

One Big 12 coach on Chris Carson: “I think they may have gotten the best back in this signing class. He’s a Newcomer of the Year-type possibility.” (ESPN)

Pretty interesting: You’re more likely to make it big as a huge prospect from a state that isn’t Texas, California or Florida. (Big Lead)

Baseball starts today!

Josh Holliday: “Every year we go into this, we want to try to win the World Series.” (NewsOK)

What records might fall this season for OSU baseball? (PFB)

Other sporting things

OSU is trying to create a different atmosphere for the duel with Penn State this weekend by raising the mat three feet above the court. Feels like more could be done here.. (CRFF)

The 10 most memorable tennis matches ever. I enjoyed this greatly. (FTW)

On the Phil Mickelson-Rickie Fowler money games. The Nick Watney story was insanely cool. (ESPN)

More stuff I’m reading

I saw this movie –Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last — on Thursday night. It was good, not great. (AV Club)

This is the problem with media outlets engaging in big business. Or a problem. (Deadspin)

How Peanuts got its first black character. (Kottke)

Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 rules for writing. I loved No. 7. (New York Writers’ Intensive)

Good stuff here on ESPN’s new app. (The Verge)

A 10K video, eh? Pretty nuts. (Vimeo)

Is Google making the web stupid? It’s a compelling case. (Godin)

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