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Bullets: One OSU player thinks the Cowboys’ defensive line is as good as it gets

Bradford done for the year, Walsh’s job to lose, Kevin Peterson’s bravado, and Reggie Bush with a surprise cameo!



My apologies for the site being down so much last week. Here’s a look at the changes that were made.


Jimbo: “[OSU is] a very well-coached team that that knows how to win.” (CRFF)

Sammy B. is done for the year. Such a bummer. I don’t like many former OU players but I like him a lot. (Big Lead)

Ryan Simmons said OSU has one of the best d-lines in the country. Wow. (NewsOK)

This on the option pass I mentioned last week (“the unstoppable play”) is so cool. Well done and I hope OSU uses it with JW Walsh. (SB Nation)

It’s Walsh’s job to lose, for sure. But then, it was his job to lose – which he did – after temporarily claiming it from Clint Chelf a year ago. (NewsOK)

DGB will not play for OU in 2014. Or, presumably, 2015. (Yahoo)

Gundy probably walked in the snow to school uphill both ways, too, as a kid. (NewsOK)

Good recognition of the thread that bound all three of OSU’s losses in 2013. And why that’ll change in 2014. (NewsOK)

With no guarantees, I think worst case scenario is 5-7. (CRFF)

Florida State’s opener against Oklahoma State looked a lot better on paper than it does now that the Pokes are coming to AT&T Stadium with eight returning starters. Oklahoma State has won its past six season openers, is 15-2 in nonconference games and 11-2 in games in Texas. Oklahoma State also has scored 20 points or more in 52 consecutive games, the second-longest streak of its kind in FBS history. Nope, that streak isn’t likely to survive Saturday night, either. (ESPN)

Oh boy, this on college football and Reggie Bush and Tim Tebow and our own potential is amazing. So, so good. (Grantland)

It sounds like everybody knows OSU is rebuilding but nobody wants to actually say it. Of course, “rebuilding” doesn’t mean what it used to, either. (NewsOK)

Some good questions on the Big 12 season here. I think Baylor might return to the mean this season in terms of turnovers produced. (247)

Through the Oklahoma State ticket office, about 6,000 tickets were sold for last year’s Cowboy opener against Mississippi State in Houston. For the Aug. 30 OSU-Florida State opener at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, OSU had sold nearly 10,000 tickets as of Friday afternoon. (Tulsa World)

Starting his 10th year as a head coach, Gundy owns 15 wins over teams ranked in the top 25. Among Big 12 coaches, only Bill Snyder (entering his 23rd year as a head coach) and Bob Stoops (entering his 16th year as a head coach) have more. (okstate)

Good breakdown of how much money OSU is getting and giving up by playing FSU in Dallas. (NewsOK)

Tech is going to have like eight former QBs starting at different places this year, aren’t they? (Yahoo)

The Cowboys scored 25 points in their preseason game over the weekend and former OSU players were behind every one of them. Amazing. (NewsOK)

John Hoover contrasts Kevin Peterson’s bravado with everybody else’s boredom with the Florida State game. Good stuff here. (Tulsa World)

That’s a pretty boss move right there.


Here’s a great Tony Allen-Kobe exchange. I love these two dudes. I might pay $19.95 to watch a game of them guarding each other with mics on. (PFB)

Just sitting here staring at this David Monds Facebook post, not sure what to make of it. (Facebook)

Newberry could really help to fill a need. A point guard who’s more scorer than table-setter, Newberry averaged 14.8 points and 4.3 assists per game at Northeast Oklahoma A&M as a freshman, then averaged 13.5 points and 3.7 assists per game as a sophomore at New Mexico J.C. (247)

Here’s the four-star shooting guard from Dallas who could change the course of this recruiting class from Travis Ford. (PFB)

Interesting look at who would be favored in a Cavs-Thunder series right now. (Big Lead)

Other sports

Hunter Mahan won The Barclays on Sunday. The more amazing thing is that OSU had five former golfers inside the top 22. (PFB)

This PGA Tour official going down is the funniest thing I saw all weekend. (Deadspin)

Cowgirls start the season 0-2-1 after losses to OU and Arkansas and a tie against SMU. (O’Colly)

Here’s how the Mahan win transpired.

I do love me some US Open.

More stuff I’m reading

Warren Buffett on investing (and life): “You need to be able to detach yourself from the views of others or the opinions of others.” Via Cam Hardaway. (Farnam Street Blog)

This looks pretty intense.

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