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Bullets: OSU has been raiding Kansas and leaving with wins for years

AD is not smart, why Dez is the best, and that College Football Playoff selection is going to be MESSY.





Gundy puts every team on upset alert. He could work at ESPN. (NewsOK)

Todd Gurley, gone. The NCAA rules are archaic and stupid but they still exist. (CBS Sports)

The Roundtable got weird and fantastic on Thursday. (PFB)

This is essentially what I was saying (Berry just says it better) — reversing the call on the Roland TD was dumb, Iowa State crying foul play was way dumber. (NewsOK)

This is honestly one of my favorite things that’s ever been on PFB. (PFB)

Adrian Peterson does not seem like he’s very smart. (Big Lead)

The predictions at CRFF this week for the KU game are awesome and out of control. (CRFF)

Terrific article from Kyle Fredrickson on how OSU recruits Kansas so well. I’m not sure if the “build relationships with these high school coaches” is a Gundy directive or if somebody else is steering that ship but it’s smart. (NewsOK)

Ranking the chances of Big 12 teams winning the conference. (PFB)

While the Cowboys have been potent downfield, they’ve also been inconsistent with shorter passes and with running the ball. An underrated Kansas defense will keep the Jayhawks in this game again. (ESPN)

What is it with Big 12 QBs and Katy Perry? (PFB)

Oklahoma State is no longer one of the fastest teams in college football. Not even close. (SB Nation)

I like this NC State helmet. OSU could do the same with its bucking cowboy. (Yahoo)

Between ISU, OSU, and KSU, there is a very strong theme, vibe, and feel that runs among the ag schools of the old Big 8. (WRNL)

Good story on Ben Grogan here. More on his injury from last season which I didn’t know the extent of. (O’Colly)

Yeah, some receivers are taller and bigger. Some are definitely faster too. But if it’s up to me, I would choose Dez Bryant over the rest of them every single time because I know he can make the same plays he made Sunday every single game, no matter who you put on him. (SB Nation)

A long in-depth look at the mock College Football Playoff process some members of the media went through. No matter what happens there will be angst this December. (CBS Sports)

Cool graphic here for the KU game. I feel like the graphics and video stuff OSU does is so arbitrary. Like, “oh this will look good this week, let’s do it.” Basically how I run this blog. Feels like there needs to be more of a thread. Also that OSU logo is borderline red. (Tumblr)

Ogbah’s two breakups against the Cyclones gave the OSU defensive line six for the season. OSU’s front four had five in all of 2013. (Tulsa World)

Cool story about David Glidden and the alma mater. (PFB)

Whoever is playing quarterback at Kansas (and the Pokes could see all three), the Cowboys’ secondary should be in for some fun. Peterson has just one interception this season, but should get a chance to snag at least one pass forced Nick Harwell’s way. (ESPN)

Oh sweet…

Cool that these are being put online now.

Here’s OSU interviewing a first year player who isn’t allowed to be interviewed. He’s right about the self motivation, though.


I am stunned that Iowa State got a transfer who will impact its team. (Yahoo)

The Big 12 preseason poll is out and Kansas was picked to win. That’s a pretty good bet:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.57.17 AM

I love this.

More stuff I’m reading

If you’ve ever wanted to get more into soccer… (Kottke)

I love this — make two lists and lean on one of them. (Godin)

Pretty cool getting things done app here. (John)

“Our overconfidence when it comes to conveying emotions in email “is born of egocentrism.” Great post here. (Fast Company)

Your cracked iPhone screen? The catalyst for a 500-person business. (Wakefield)

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