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Bullets: OSU is now 7-0 against Texas teams this season

Scott Drew thought OSU would go away, a great Mitch Solomon GIF and 2016 ‘crootin has already started.




OSU beats Baylor soundly

Thoughts and notes on the OSU win Monday night. (PFB)

Travis Ford: “We had guys step up. (Hickey and Newberry), I thought, played absolutely outstanding. Their effort, not just their scoring, but a lot of the little things they did.” (NewsOK)

Scott Drew: “…we kept thinking that we’d put them away or they’d go away. They deserve a lot of credit for staying within their game plan and scoring in transition. If not transition, making us guard.” (AP)

Oklahoma State is now 7-0 against teams from the state of Texas this season. (okstate)

For those wondering about the “holding serve at home” thing I talk about, this is what it’s based on. Getting +1 for a road win and -1 for a home loss. OSU was even until last night and is now a +1 for the season. You have to be +5ish to win the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Ford: “We’ve won some good games (lately), we’ve done that, no doubt, but we haven’t done anything yet. We’ll enjoy this one, but they all get tougher as you go along.” (Scout)

Ford: “We are who we are now. When you can play with a little chip at times, that doesn’t hurt.” (Tulsa World)

Jeff Newberry: “We know we’re winning some big games, but we just win them and we move on to the next one, trying to go to work the next day.” (NewsOK)

We even got a rare tweet out of Ford last night! All the exclamation points!

Basketball misc.

With Oklahoma State only a game out of second place in the Big 12, a runner-up finish behind Kansas is not out of reach for the Cowboys if they can build on the momentum they’ve generated the past six days. 

What a story that would be for a coach who has come under fire in recent years and a team expected to have to endure a rebuilding season. (Yahoo)

No Le’Bryan or Forte on Ubben’s mid-season All-Big 12 team. (Fox SW)

This Mitch Solomon GIF is the coolest. (Tumblr)

Anthony Hickey was Big 12 Newcomer of the Week for the second time. (Big 12 Sports)

KD is a bad MF (or something). (Big Lead)

One white dude puts another white dude on a poster. (Big Lead)

MJ has zero clues how to spell the name of our president. (Deadspin)

Football misc.

Oklahoma State as the No. 2 team in Big 12 QB rankings? You bet. (ESPN)

So now Oregon’s coach makes about the same as Mike Gundy? (CBS)

Joe Randle reportedly pulled a gun on his ex and kid. Sweet. (PFB)

Read up on 2015 advanced statistics definitions here. (Football Study Hall)


OSU now has one commit but Baylor and TCU both have over five already! (ESPN)

Here’s that commit: A running back out of Tulsa. (PFB)

Really interesting post here on why recruits need to be educated about the options they have when it comes to recruiting. (Yahoo)

An Oregon senator is not pleased with Oregon’s lack of Oregonians. Your move, Jim Inhofe. (Yahoo)

Baseball is comin’

Here’s a 2015 schedule preview. (PFB)

Oklahoma State will have three games on TV this season. (Big 12 Sports)

Jon Littell is going to be a killer. (CRFF)

Big Cat

I wrote a bunch about Tiger on Monday. Here on whether he’s going to retire (?!) (CBS)

And here on how much I miss the Tiger of my youth. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

Cool post here on how the Oklahoman is moving back downtown. (NewsOK)

This looks insanely good.

This is great.

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