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Bullets: Recapping the FSU weekend

Effect on recruits, hot takes, Gundy presser, and Herbstreit on the OSU fan base.





Even though Oklahoma State wasn’t able to upset No. 1-ranked Florida State Saturday, the Cowboys impressed a lot of recruits and could come away big winners on the trail in the long run.

I talked to an assistant coach at a prominent high school in Dallas, who was at the game with a number of his top players from the 2015 and 2016 classes, and the coach said all the players wanted to talk about after the game was the effort from Oklahoma State. (ESPN Insider)

10 Thoughts on the game. (PFB)

Jalen Ramsey (FSU safety): “They did not play like the least experienced team. They’re a really good team. Give a lot of credit. They came out, and they fought. They’re very athletic. They’re big. They didn’t play inexperienced at all.” (ESPN)

Some incredible photos from Saturday night here. (Flickr)

Coaches read mean tweets. Dan Mullen is the man. (ESPN)

Sad FSU fans are so, so sad. (PFB)


Before September arrives, we already can scrap the idea that this is a rebuilding season in Stillwater. (NewsOK)

This was the closest margin of victory for a preseason No. 1 since 1990, the last time an Associated Press preseason No. 1 lost its season opener. Since 1990, every preseason No. 1 had won its season opener by more than two touchdowns. (Big 12 Sports)

Herbstreit: Nobody, except for their fan base, expected them to go 37-31 with the defending national champions. They used this as a springboard into the rest of their season.” Nope, not even us. (NewsOK)

Something I wrote for CBS on reset expectations for the Pokes. (CBS Sports)

Here’s a great infographic from Michael Lane on the FSU game. (PFB)

Shades of Josh Stewart in the TCU game last season:

If this is the house that Robert Griffin built how many rooms does Markelle Martin get free rent on? (CBS Sports)

Boone: “We need to do better on OU.” (Tulsa World)

Yurcich on Tyreek: “Ask anybody with fast players — that’s really what it’s all about. A lot of times, coaching’s overrated and it’s about your players. It’s not plays, it’s players. And he’s a guy that can make you look really good as a coach.” (O’Colly)

Some interesting quotes here from FSU guys on how they need to have better practices. The disease of more lives on. (Tomahawk Nation)

Florida State players did not leave the field Saturday in a celebratory mood. Most stared straight ahead. Many looked whipped, mostly because they were. They had beaten Oklahoma State, but not in the way they or anyone else expected.  (SI)

Here are Emmanuel Ogbah’s sacks on Jameis. (NewsOK)

Out of principle, I’m generally against giving this award to team that lost, but no squad more dramatically changed my mind about their season’s outlook in Week 1. (Fox SW)

There are flaws, for sure, but I agree with this on JW — let it ride. (O’Colly)

A lot of gnashing of teeth over Walsh and the offense here. I think, as I said before the season, he should be the starter all year. (PFB)

Ubben has OSU No. 4 in the Big 12 after Week 1. I agree, I think. Maybe No. 3. (Fox SW)

While it was a bit more dramatic than expected, the win should do nothing to rattle the Seminoles’ bid for a return trip to Dallas in January for the title game of the College Football Playoff. (Yahoo)

Some leftover quotes from Saturday. The one from Gundy on Tyreek is great. (PFB)

Oklahoma State and West Virginia showed the Big 12 can go toe-to-toe with anyone. (ESPN)

I was elated at how much vitriol we received for ranking these unis at No. 2. I could have even put them No. 1. (PFB)

Moral victories, of course, are a mockery, a construct in which losers find solace. But moral victories, unwanted as they may be, are also rooted in reality, and the reality is that this Oklahoma State team is better than anyone thought. (Tulsa World)

The three-game losing streak is Gundy’s longest since 2005. Wow. (NewsOK)

Leftover notes from Saturday night. There was a lot going on. (PFB)

“Though we did not set out to hurt or offend anyone when we made our banner, I see that it did just that. Referencing the Trail of Tears in such a flippant and disrespectful manner was insensitive and wrong, and I make no defense for our having had such a lapse in judgment. I apologize for our mistake. I am truly sorry.” (Tulsa World)

So good.

So terrifying.



Gundy’s presser. My question at 8 minutes.

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