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Bullets: Which QB has been more productive this season?

Desmond Roland is a TD machine, Faux Holgorsen interview, and two great golf profiles.





Berry Tramel thinks JW Walsh has been more productive this season. Maybe so — Daxx has been all or nothing so far. He breaks it into a drive-by-drive comparison, which you know I love. (NewsOK)

Kevin Peterson on the defense: “They can have zero yards rushing, zero yards receiving, but if we don’t get turnovers, we’re going to run no matter what. So I think for our defense, turnovers are a big part, because it really shows your athleticism and mental focus on the game.” (Tulsa World)

On DGB, OU, and the power of public perception. (PFB)

Oklahoma State’s Desmond Roland has totaled 14 rushing touchdowns since he had four against Iowa State on Oct. 26 last season. That total is second only to Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds, who has 24 rushing TDs in that span. (Big 12 Sports)

A senator in Missouri housed Bob Stoops for taking on DGB. (USA Today)

I thought this fantasy kicker rankings piece by Weston Shepherd was terrific. (PFB)

David Ash has given up football. He is going to make some flag football team in Austin very happy this week. (CBS Sports)

This interview with Faux Holgorsen is incredible. I wish there was a solid Faux Gundy account. (Tulsa World)

Mailbag Wednesday got wild — we talked about Boone’s wives and who would win a cage fight among OSU athletes. (PFB)

The upcoming bye week might provide more resistance than they have faced so far, and with Iowa State and Texas coming up, the Bears should easily reach 5-0 before facing TCU in Waco on 10/11. (CRFF)

Good stuff here on how it doesn’t much matter who RB1 is. (NewsOK)

Don’t keep pumping this and then not do it… (Tumblr)

Jameis Winston is a moron (UPDATED). I’m not sure he should have been suspended for this, though. (CBS Sports)

Dez might be (probably is) crazy but I love him. (NewsOK)

Facing Tech will give OSU a much better sense of how good its defense can be in 2014 after a nice showing in nonconference play. Gundy wants to see more depth develop in the back seven, and on offense he’s expressed concerns about blocking the run game. (ESPN)

Why points allowed per game by a defense is an antiquated notion. (PFB)

So Devonte Fields is trying to play in the FBS again? That seems odd. (Yahoo)

Pretty cool.

I’m stoked about tonight.


OSU was in the running for this guy and now he might not make it into Oregon. (Yahoo)

Other sports

This Anthony Kim profile is insane. He might be getting close to $20 million to not play golf?! (Sports Illustrated)

As good as that Kim piece is, this Tom Watson profile is even better. The stories about him playing by himself in Ireland are just spectacular. (Golf Digest)

More stuff I’m reading

Fascinating on why the New York Times couldn’t have published the Ray Rice video. I didn’t know how heavily edited it was! (Gawker)

The problem isn’t coming up with ideas, it is how to contain the invasion. My ideas are like uninvited guests. They don’t knock on the door; they climb in through the windows like burglars who show up in the middle of the night and make a racket in the kitchen as they raid the fridge. (99U)

From Acuff on quitting your job. All of these confirmed. (Acuff)

On Storylistening. This is good. Via Swiss Miss.


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