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Bullets: Would Tyreek Hill leave for the NFL?

Dez talks Jay-Z and how he came ‘from dirt’ and Marcus Smart with his first flop of the season!





Good Big 12 notebook here. I’m already fascinated by OU-Baylor. There’s a lot going on there. (NewsOK)

Dez on signing with Jay-Z: “I come from dirt, point-blank period. Every day I’m writing my story and it’s getting better. I feel like that was the best choice for me. They can help me get to where I want to be.” (Dallas Morning News)

Here’s a look at how OSU players in the NFL did. (PFB)

I love the 24-hour football coverage idea here. There’s no reason this shouldn’t happen. (CBS Sports)

The Baby Heisman here destroyed me. I’m seriously standing and giving it an ovation (actually I’ve been standing for the last hour because I have a standing desk but I’m still clapping). (Fox SW)

If Baylor scored 60 on Kansas, they’ll score 80 on us. (CRFF)

Interesting thought here: Would Tyreek leave for the NFL after this season? (Tulsa World)

Here are the best GIFs from the Kansas State game. I threw almost everything from the first drive in there. (PFB)

Don’t forget to vote today, Les Miles demands it. (Yahoo)

Wait, so Gundy DOES think it’s important to be bowl eligible now? (NewsOK)

It would appear that the Dez Bryant-Joe Randle feud is over. (PFB)

Gus! (CBS Sports)

You could fill up a Kindle Single with all the horrific stats we’ve posted this season. (ESPN)

The nerd box score from last week is a wreck. (PFB)

Seems like as good a time as any to publish this, I guess. (okstate)

This seems bad.


I’m really glad I don’t have to watch this all season. I don’t even care if we go 17-15. Smart is Blake Griffin but less subtle — this is the same garbage we crush Blake for (and rightfully so).

However, good story here on Smart buying his mom a house and returning home to Texas. (Boston Herald)

Here are the AP first team All-Americans. (CBS Sports)

It’s probably not a great sign that I got legit excited about not being on this list. (Yahoo)

This is more like it for LB — ESPN has him ranked as the 35th best player in the country. (ESPN)

Other sports

Rickie Fowler in a Chinese jacket in Shanghai? You bet. (CBS Sports)

No surprise here, Dave Smith Saban wins cross country coach of the year. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

I am fascinated at this bar offering a $1,000 all-you-can-drink card for beer for the rest of your life. (Urban Turf)

This Glenn Beck profile was pretty interesting. (D Magazine)

We’re not comfortable talking about money. We’ve been taught that it’s rude. Even more important, we may be afraid of what the numbers say about us. Pretty interesting idea in this article. (NYT)

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