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Daily Bullets (Dec. 18): Chuba Talks Draft, Boynton’s After a Local Four-Star



Happy early signing day! Pokes have already landed one recruit this week, here’s a solid rundown of the class at hand. 

Bullets Rundown

• Chuba talks draft (sort of)
• What bowling with Chuba means
• Boynton’s after a local four-star


• WBB: Cowgirls 72, Southern 59

OSU Bullets

Chuba Hubbard was asked point-blank about the NFL Draft and here was his response:

When you start going through the draft process in a couple of months here, and teams sit you down and ask you to describe your skill set, what will you say to them?

“To be honest, I haven’t spent a minute thinking about any of that yet. I haven’t even thought about the draft yet. It would be a little premature of me to be doing that right now. I’m just focused on winning games here. That’s all I really have to say about that.” [DraftWire]

Still non-committal but deciding to play in the bowl game was wonderful news (and a surprise to most).

Chuba Hubbard’s announcement to stick around (at least) for the bowl game said a lot about him and how he feels about playing for OSU. 

Chuba Hubbard’s rare air floated around Boone Pickens Stadium again Tuesday, when he announced he was doing what so many underclassmen with NFL aspirations no longer are: He is playing in his team’s bowl game.

“I wanted to finish the season with my teammates,” Hubbard said of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, “just end it on the right note.” [TulsaWorld]

In an age where finishing the season has become the exception and not the norm, Hubbard is a gem.

Mike Boynton is after a top-50 junior guard from OKC and here’s what the young man had to say about the Pokes.

“Seeing them get somebody like Cade Cunningham is big. It makes me look at the tradition they are building over there and feel like I could be part of something good. It (looks) like OSU basketball is going back up in the ranks and they are really trying to make something special happen over there. I talk to coach (Mike) Boynton all the time.” [Rivals]

Two key elements – talking with Boynton all of the time and the belief that OSU in on an uptick. Cade Cunningham will be the data point that Trae Young has been for OU and that’s a great thing.

• I’ve sort of given up on Daniyel Ngata and hoping to see the Pokes land Jacobs today.

• McGriff can take over a game in a different way than one would usually think of.

Non-OSU Bullets

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• Enjoyed the 41 biggest moments in sports this year (except for the Damion Lillard shot)
• The Lakers’ LeBron James/Anthony Davis-pairing could be an all-timer

Yes and amen, Kirk.

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