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Daily Bullets (Feb. 5): Happy Signing Day, Revisiting Justice Hill’s Class



Beat the Frogs – playing in GIA at 7 p.m. tonight. 

Bullets Rundown

• Happy signing day – info on open spots
• Revisiting the 2016 class (featuring Justice Hill)
• Considering football from all angles

OSU Bullets

• Happy signing day! Here’s what to expect from Cowboy Football with the remaining spots:

DeSoto, Texas, cornerback Jabbar Muhammad and Iowa Central Community College linebacker Lamont Bishop are set to sign on Wednesday. If Holmes comes through, that puts the OSU recruiting class at 23 of the allowed 25 incoming players.

Though Ethan Bullock has made no official announcements, the quarterback from the City College of San Francisco appears headed for Cowboy country. The 6-foot-4, 215-pound Florida native made an official visit over the weekend and received a scholarship offer.

Neither Bullock, nor his coach returned calls about his status, but it looks like he’s Stillwater-bound. [NewsOK]


PFB has reported Holmes is headed to Stillwater, leaving two spots open in the class. NewsOK notes above that Shane Illingworth doesn’t appear to be the only quarterback headed to Stillwater from northern California – that’s interesting.

That leaves one spot open *crosses fingers* let it be, this LSU receiver coming in.

• This is a super intriguing rabbit hole to go down (OSU’s 2016 class was ranked 19th when revisited).

This class did not experience much attrition and produced a long list of valuable contributors. (Justice) Hill quickly emerged as one of the best players in the Big 12 and was the gem of a strong in-state class, and the Cowboys found lots of key players on defense in this group including (AJ) Green, (Amen) Ogbongbemiga, Calvin Bundage, DeQuinton Osborne and Rodarius Williams. And if they hadn’t signed Ogbongbemiga out of Canada, the Cowboys could have missed out on Chuba Hubbard.

Best of all, these guys aren’t done yet. Eight or more of these signees will be senior starters on a 2020 squad that’s aiming for a Big 12 title. [The Athletic $]

That’s a laundry list of high-end contributors for the Pokes – if they had a class like this every year it’d be a big win.

Here would be an awesome evolution of recruiting services:  grading classes after the fact.

• As reasonable as it is to be discontented with the football’s teams performance at times, given certain budget constraints, it’s rational to look at Gundy’s program from another angle.

We might be viewing Mike Gundy through the wrong prism. What if the right way to view him is not as somebody who’s not capitalizing on his success but rather as somebody who is outkicking his coverage when it comes to the buttons he can and cannot press. [PFB]

In a good article worth checking out – OSU is surpassed in revenue (widely by OU and Texas) but also by Kansas and West Virginia. Understanding what certain amounts of money can buy isn’t common knowledge (concerning running an athletic department) but you can respect the general numbers.

AJ Green gets the invite to the NFL Combine:

• One of the more impressive contract moves – Michigan State’s Mike Dantonio resigns after he gets a seven-figure bonus.

• I love this policy change – I’m nowhere near brave enough to bring my two-year-olds but more power to ya.

Non-OSU Bullets

Getting by vs. getting better – the air I live in as a friendly extrovert
• Trade deadline is tomorrow – reminder that Presti does big deals in offseason (generally) – On a related note, the Knicks need to stay the heck away
• Is life better at 1.5x speed?

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