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Daily Bullets (July 2): Assessing OSU’s Options, Most Viewed of the Week

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Here’s a holiday treat – the Pokes added a Texas athlete for the 2023 class yesterday.

Three Thoughts

• Sounds like we’re in a holding pattern with realignment – Big 12 “has no interest in poaching schools from the Pac-12” was communicated, but that means they’ll look at what somebody presents to them. You can find plenty of reason to speculate on adding four teams that touch Big 12 states though.

Carson and Colby talked it through in their latest podcast as did the guys over at the Feels like 45 podcast. Berry Tramel thinks this could be good for the Pokes, too.

Guerin Emig hit the nail on the headthe ripples from the move out west will hit Stillwater, it’s just a matter of how. I think he did a great job playing out the scenarios here – the PFB guys also did on a roundtable Thursday.

• Athletic director Chad Weiberg did an interview on the radio this week, and he had the right stance:

“…The wins we’ve had here. We’ve talked about all those things, that we’re one of three programs that have been to a bowl game the last 16 consecutive years and won at a very high level. That’s valued. We learned that is highly valued in the national landscape. So it is, again, just controlling what we can control here and continuing to do that and that it will put us in the best position possible for whatever comes up.”

Two Quotes

• I don’t follow high school baseball but batting .685 is unreal:

• Love the idea of the Pokes watching this:

One Question

• Is there better news than this?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Marshall looks over his Big 12 Pre-Season Ballot

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• No. 3 Big 12, Pac-12 Merger could help Both Survive

• No. 4 Billy Walton Decommits from Oklahoma State after Texas Visit

• No. 5 Tuesday’s Bullets – a New Commissioner is Announced

Non-OSU Bullets

• Community – a struggle to fit (faith-based)

You just love some folks getting generational wealth – the American dream for this Canadian is terrific:

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