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Daily Bullets (July 30): OSU Selling BPS Turf, Pac-12 is the New Psychologically Disadvantaged

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Three Thoughts

• The thing that stuck out about the Pac-12 commissioner’s remarks about the Big 12 was just how fragile he sounded in comparison to what Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark had to say a couple of weeks back:

“George (Kliavkoff) is a great guy,” Yormark said at Big 12 Media Days. “He’s doing a great job with the Pac-12. No different to any other commissioners, we’re vetting out all possibilities and options.”


“Psychologically disadvantaged” might be a couple of words to throw around about the Pac-12.

• It’s a shame OSU couldn’t have started selling pieces of the old turf BEFORE Father’s Day last month – still a fun gift idea for fans

• By the time Brennan Presley is done in Stillwater, we’ll have a near decade of versatile receiver play on the team with Presley closely following Dillon StonerPresley made the watchlist for most versatile players in college football. Dillon Stoner played with Chris Carson!

Two Quotes

• For context on the above – here’s some of the context from Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff:

Kliavkoff, the Pac-12’s commissioner, proclaimed he wasn’t sure if he would go shopping for Big 12 schools. He said he has spent the past month defending his league from “grenades” the Big 12 is throwing its way in the dog-eat-dog world of conference realignment.


• Anytime I see someone write that Texas Tech could dominate the new Big 12, this is the scene that comes to my mind:

One Question

• Does Colorado joining the Big 12 seriously put their brand in question given the “academic standing” of the Big 12?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Options to fill the A.J. Ferrari gap

• No. 2 Big Ten reportedly considering further expansion

• No. 3 Meet the Transfer: Deondre Jackson from Texas A&M

• No. 4 Hayden Simpson commits to Oklahoma State

• No. 5 What the Big Ten’s latest realignment ambitions mean to Oklahoma State

Non-OSU Bullets

• Youth sports = more grit
• You still need good friends (faith-based)

My weekend homework – being intentionally unproductive (faith-based)

“What do I need to do to be spiritually healthy?”

After a long pause, Dallas (Willard) says, “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.”

John (Ortberg) writes those words down and waits for more wise insights from Dallas. “That’s a good one. Now what else is there?” Dallas’s answer? “There is nothing else.”

[Unhurried Living]

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