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Daily Bullets (June 15): Most Viewed of the Week, Lots of Mason Rudolph Talk



ICYMI: Gundy picked up verbal commit No. 11 in the 2020 class yesterday – an athletic three-star from Texas.

Bullets Rundown

• Mason Rudolph’s spot in Steel Town for years to come
• Gundy takes an OKC linebacker
• Game-changing freshmen on the depth chart

OSU Bullets
• Most Viewed (No. 1): Mason Rudolph and Big Ben’s Extension

Cox pointed out an unfortunate fact here – that Ben Roethlisberger signed a contract extension (through 2021 potentially), aligning perfectly with the end of Rudolph’s rookie deal with the Steelers. Noting also that Big Ben will turn 39 in that last year, it’s hard to imagine him holding onto the reins that entire time if Rudolph can continue developing.

• Most Viewed (No. 2): Pokes Land Local Linebacker

As a native Oklahoman, I always like to see Gundy picking up in-state players. He’s proven over the years he’s just as happy to pluck similar talent from the Lone Star State unless compelled. Some guys don’t work out but the local edge rushers have a certain heritage in Stillwater (Nathan Peterson, Greg Richmond, Cooper Bassett, and Calvin Bundage to name a few).

• Most Viewed (No. 3): Three Freshmen to Watch Out for in 2019

This article nailed that there are three right answers – that these three guys (Spencer Sanders, CJ Moore, and Bryce Bray) are all likely to impact the Cowboy offense in 2019. But what’s interesting is how interconnected their values are – if Bray locks down the left tackle spot and seals the edge, Sanders will have the requisite amount of time to drop dimes to Moore.

Now – who makes the biggest impact in their role? I think by nature of opportunity Spencer Sanders would have to be the answer.

• Most Viewed (No. 4): OSU Looking at Auburn Transfer

This wouldn’t be the first time a touted Auburn safety/linebacker headed southwest to Stillwater. It seems like this is a sweet spot (Josh Furman another good example) of opportunity for transfers into Stillwater – they can’t quite fit into one of the roles well enough to see the field elsewhere but the capacity to do both does well in the Cowboy defense.

• Most Viewed (No. 5): NFL Roundup – Cornelius to XFL?

Encouraging Mason Rudolph reports continue to trickle out of Pittsburgh and Chris Carson continues to heal up after performing as a starting NFL running back should (1,000+ yard season).  Something that surprises me is how broad the Cowboys in the NFL are from a positional perspective (VT at DT, Rudolph at QB, Carson at RB, etc.).

Non-OSU Bullets

• Some of these National Geographic travel photos were really cool

• Solid faith-based read looking at success vs. sanctification (the last paragraph alone is worth your time)

Why you spend too much at Costco:


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