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Daily Bullets (Nov. 23): Most Viewed of the Week, Lots of Dru Brown Talk



Good news – Cowboy Football today, beat the Mountaineers, bad news – NCAA allegations that hopefully don’t slow Boynton’s roll

Bullets Rundown

• Ten Thoughts from KU Win
• Skin test partially to blame for dual loss
• Cowboys’ bowl projections


BB: OSU 70, Western Michigan 63
Soccer: Santa Clara 3, Cowgirls 1 – Cowgirls out in the round of 32

OSU Bullets
Most Viewed of the Week (No. 1): Ten Thoughts on the Win over Kansas

We didn’t know it but this article was prepping us for life after Spencer Sanders and our positive feelings shouldn’t have been so surprising – look at this shortlist:

1. (Brown) throws a magnifique deep ball.
2. He is better than I thought he was.
3. I thought he was quite good.
4. He is an excellent QB2 in this league.
5. It is important to have an excellent QB2 in this league. [PFB]

And those comments are completely fair given the sample size. The small sample seems to validate our suspicion – someone who made 23 starts at a Division 1 school just needs an opportunity to reassure you and not necessarily to prove themself.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 2): OSU’s Dual Loss with a Partial Blame on a Skin Check

This was such a bizarre story concerning a small piece of nuance that doesn’t appear to be used often. That an opposing physician can deem the eligibility of a competitor seems like a bit of an irrational check and balance. Could you imagine if a football doctor was responsible for concussion testing an opponent’s players?

Like a bad call in a game, it’s only one piece of a puzzle but it’s the obscene rule that makes this story interesting.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 3): Bowl Projections with a Notre Dame Prize

We know the most ideal matchups – Alamo gets you the silver medalist in the PAC-12, Texas Bowl gives you a potential shot at Texas A&M with a chance of a snoozer against Kentucky, and Camping World draws you Notre Dame amidst ACC teams shy on bowl eligibility.

What’s interesting to me is who finishes atop the second tier of the Big 12 and how the bowls prioritize that. If Baylor and OU take care of business today, they lock themselves into a title rematch. OSU, Iowa State, and Texas are lodged into that next tier and regardless of finishing positions, the bowls will be able to choose between them.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 4): Dru Brown Replaces Spencer Sanders

It’s kind of crazy to think about but if OSU plays it just right, doesn’t Spencer Sanders have an incredibly competent veteran backup two years in a row? Both Taylor Cornelius and Dru Brown have proven or will likely prove to be backups capable of winning plenty of Big 12 games.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 5): Roundtable on West Virginia and Brown Taking Over

A point that was brought up here about Brown resonated – we need more sample size and a game where OSU is favored against West Virginia on the road is a great option to get that before Bedlam.

Also, this was an all-timer from Boone: “I’m irrationally confident about OSU. How much moonshine can one consume before 11 a.m.?”

Non-OSU Bullets

• The weird economics of an Apple upsell
• Interesting faith-based piece here – There are no extraordinary means
• This NBA piece starts with a good update on Russell Westbrook and life in Houston
“Golf or Surfing” seems like it’d be helpful for expectations at work

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