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Daily Bullets (Nov. 3): Chuba Hubbard Has OSU on His Back



The Gundy stuff on Tylan was just tremendous. I can’t get enough. 

Bullets Rundown

• Chuba goes national?
• Barry Island now has a Chuba Cove
• Can Boynton exploit Kansas’ vulnerability?


• FB: OSU 34 | TCU 27
• Women’s cross-country: Big 12 champs

OSU Bullets

• Chuba still lacks in national attention — which is sort of perplexing even if OSU is 6-3 — but that’s maybe (?) starting to change a bit.

But Hubbard’s still churning. He might be the country’s most explosive back and was never more so than when he was shredding Gary Patterson’s defense on Saturday. [Banner Society]

Here’s the thing … Chuba’s numbers are so outlandish, it shouldn’t matter if his team was just 3-6, he should be talked about among the best players in the country.

• Loved this from Kyle Cox on Barry and Chuba.

Stretch that average out over 13 games, and that is 2,317 yards. He probably won’t catch the ?, but they might have to rename the north shore of Barry island Chuba Cove. [PFB]

It’s unfortunate for Chuba that he went to the one school where there’s absolutely no shot of him catching the single-season record. Still incredible though.

• Good angle here from Guerin Emig on how OSU should take advantage of Kansas’ basketball vulnerability at the moment.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the Cowboys took advantage? It’s about time they did, don’t you think? Ten years without an NCAA Tournament victory is an awfully long time. Sixteen years without a conference championship is even longer. [Tulsa World]

I think it could definitely be an inflection point for Boynton and the Cowboys. Maybe it doesn’t play out like that, but it’s on the table and there for the taking. Related!

• Bill Haisten compares the Tylan situation to the Dez situation from 2009. Big difference: OSU didn’t have a Chuba in 2009!

Staggered after having lost another elite wide receiver — Tylan Wallace — OSU had only two days to make adjustments before the TCU challenge. Again, Gundy opted for a conservative response.

The result: Spencer Sanders attempted only 15 passes — OSU’s lowest single-game total in 11 years. [Tulsa World]

Here are all the games of 200 rushing yards or more.

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 6.59.21 AM.png

• Here are my 10 thoughts from yesterday’s game.

• So Gundy may have finally snapped. He talks here about how he started calling defensive plays that OSU didn’t actually have late in the game.

Marshall Scott on how OSU is suddenly in a good spot heading into the last three.

This on a special note Tylan received from a fan during the game is really cool.

Marsh’s five thoughts on OSU’s exhibition game on Friday night include notes on Waka Flocka (who I definitely had to Google!)

• So cool (Doug has the best stuff).

• Bunch of OSU studs.

• Here are Chuba’s thoughts after another 200+ game.

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