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Daily Bullets (Oct. 29): We’ll Cross K-State’s Goal, Then We’ll Sing ‘Oklahoma State’

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Beat the Wildcats – here are the TV details and everything else you need to know about the 2:30pm CST game in Manhattan.

Three Thoughts

The Pokes will be in the conversation for a trip to Arlington regardless of what happens today but the below is true:

Oklahoma State has already secured tiebreakers over two-loss teams such as Baylor, Texas, and Texas Tech, so with a win over Kansas State they’re guaranteed to make the Big 12 Championship if they get through their last four with just one additional loss. However, if they drop that game their best-remaining bet would be for Kansas State to drop a game.


• I’ll buy any Stephon Johnson stock you’ve got lying around

• It’s a toss-up to who has a tougher schedule coming down the stretch between the Cowboys and K-State:

Here is OSU’s November schedule by the way: at Kansas, vs. Iowa State, at OU, vs. West Virginia.

Here is TCU’s: vs. Tech, at Texas, at Baylor, vs. Iowa State.

I think both teams have another loss coming. I also think both will still play for a Big 12 title Dec. 3.

Two Quotes

Gundy is darn near automatic when he’s got comparable talent – and when facing more talent that’s undisciplined (Texas, Notre Dame)

• Pretty solid OSU costume here:

One Question

• OSU is doing a barbecue cookoff around the football stadium around the Iowa State game – where would OSU finish in barbecue rankings in the Big 12?

Probably KU, TCU, and UT would finish ahead of them… Can’t see anybody else. Lubbock has a salty BBQ place, maybe tied for fourth.

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