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Here is Every Offensive Drive in the Mike Gundy Era



Like I outlined on Wednesday, I recently discovered the amazing and now I cannot remove myself from its gravitational pull.

Today, I wanted to look at all 1,269 drives of the Mike Gundy era.[1. Update: I realized later that FBSdrivestats tosses out garbage drives so this isn’t EVERY drive, but it’s close and it’s certainly every drive that mattered.] Every one of them from 2005-2014. Here’s how they ended.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 2.11.13 PM

68.5 percent of the time OSU either scored a TD or punted. Over the course of 1,269 drives, OSU has averaged 5.5 plays per drive and 34.1 yards per drive. The FBS average in 2014 was 32.1 yards per drive.

OSU has averaged 2.56 points per drive. I can’t nab totals from 2005-14 but if you look at only 2014,  2.56 points per drive would have been No. 32 in the country. The FBS average in 2014 was 2.16 points per drive which is likely close to what the average is for all of 2005-14.

This doesn’t really tell us much, it’s just crazy to see every drive in the Gundy era boiled down into one chart. From the tipped ball to D’Juan against Texas to Blackmon dragging one leg across the end zone in Bedlam to the field goal against Stanford, there have been some memorable ones.

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