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Mike Gundy Explains What He Wants from Oklahoma State Fans During Bedlam on Saturday



It’s weird that we have reached Halloween and Oklahoma State has only played three home football games. Is that right? Three? This time next year it will have played six. And none of the three so far this year have been any good. Two blowouts and a loss.

Hopefully that changes on Saturday against Oklahoma in Bedlam.

Mike Gundy got grilled on Monday in his weekly press conference about his Bedlam record (2-10) and about what fans should expect on Saturday.

Here was the last of those questions: “Is there any sense of the angst the Oklahoma State fan might have given all the 4th quarter things, where the ball has bounced against you guys in this game?”

Gundy deftly avoided the rush.

“Here would be my recommendation to them: Show up on time (which they will) and pack this place and be as loud as you can be and scream like crazy. That way they have done their part.

“We’re going to try to do our part. We’re going to try to prepare well. We’re going to try to play hard. We’re going to compete. We’re going to make the best calls we can. It’s a collaboration of everybody doing their job.

“That’s what I would recommend to them. Show up and be as loud as possible. That will make me feel better, and that will make them feel better.”

The weather will be perfect, the game is setting up to be one of the most important of the entire Gundy era and BPS should be fully lit come 3 p.m. on Saturday. It’s going to be an idyllic setting outside of the stadium — I love nothing more than I love October/November late afternoon starts that fade into the evening. The question is whether the outcome on the field will match the atmosphere.

History says no, but ejecting Baker Mayfield from the CFP discussion in his final tour de Big 12 would be the sweetest sendoff Mason Rudolph and James Washington could give the 60,000 in attendance in their third-to-last game ever in this stadium.

Just make sure you show up on time (which you will).

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