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Mike Gundy Sticks up for Brandon Weeden in a Big Way



Mike Gundy had some pretty interesting comments on Brandon Weeden recently. Weeden, of course, was benched and noted that he was “pissed” about the decision. Gundy said he’s been calling and texting and trying to keep his old QB’s head up.

“I called him and left a voicemail and several texts. He needs to know, and he knows this, he’s playing well,” Gundy said. “There is a perception out there with how many games he’s won and this and that. None of that matters. He needs to do what he needs to do. He’s a good player who is playing fine, but it’s just not working out for him.

“But you know what, you’ve got to go play the next game. And if they play somebody else and something happens to him then you may get to play again, I don’t know. He just needed to know that where he came from, the people here support him.”

Can I step in here and note how funny it is that Mike Gundy, who once started Alex Cate over Brandon Weeden, is now making the case that Weeden should absolutely be the starting QB for the most famous football team on the planet.

“He’s paid a great price,” said Gundy of No. 3. “He helped take this place to a different level.

“How many people in the last eight years who have played for Cleveland, the quarterbacks have a good record?” Gundy said. “At some point [the Cowboys] have to start looking at what’s going on, and the facts are he doesn’t have Dez [Bryant] and at their level that makes a huge difference. He doesn’t have that guy, so the next guy in line right now who is doing it has to get open against man coverage or he’s just an average quarterback, period.

“So I’m a big Brandon Weeden fan. Obviously I’m prejudice and I like him. But I’m also looking at the facts.”

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