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O’Colly takes inappropriate shot at Texas Tech

Yeah, this might have been too far.



This is…not good.

An article published in the O’Colly this week had the headline “Cowboys look to avoid Raider Rash.”

That last phrase is a reference to something that, if I wrote about it, would take this blog from being rated PG to being rated something beyond PG. You can Google it, though.

It’s inappropriate, and even more than that to me, unnecessary.

David Ubben went on a mini-rant last night on Twitter about the topic that was generally based on this premise:

I think more than it crossing a line, it’s just stupid and really silly. It’s not even Deadspin-y, more like something I’d expect from the Onion. The O’Colly is better than that.

There’s going to be a lot of outrage today from Texas Tech blogs and fans but it’s true that a student paper is a learning lab and there should be grace for ridiculous stuff like this.[1. At least they didn’t print “OVERRATED!”?]

Also, should be noted that Tim Ahrens (who wrote the article) did not write the headline.


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