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The Five Best OSU-Texas Moments in the Gundy Era



Up until 2010, Oklahoma State had a serious hump they weren’t able to overcome with the Longhorns. From 1998 – 2009, the Longhorns won every contest in some seriously gut-wrenching losses for the Cowboys.

Since Gundy’s arrival, however, things have been a little more even in the series. I’ve ranked the top five best OSU vs. Texas moments in the Gundy era in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Drum roll please….

5. Kendall Hunter’s 2010 performance

Hunter rushed for 116 tough yards in 2010, and earned himself two touchdowns and some serious respect in a 33-16 win. Scroll to the 1:40 mark, and you can see where Hunter’s persistence finally pays off. He was just as important as Weeden in a huge win that snapped a losing streak that allowed Oklahoma State to springboard into an 11-2 record and an Alamo Bowl victory over Arizona.

4. Justin Blackmons full-extension TD.

Blackmon went full-extension for a beautiful TD catch in 2011 as the Cowboys buried the Longhorns 38-26. What a game.



Full extension. (Michael Thomas /AP)

Full extension. (Michael Thomas /AP)

3. Justin Gilbert’s 100+ yard kickoff return

Gilbert was so electric with the ball and so deadly, his 4.3 speed was a threat no matter where he got the ball. Even if he was bringing it out of the end zone five yards deep, he could still make plays like this.

2, Clint Chelfs 2013 performance

Chelf was a much more rounded quarterback that he was given credit for at times in Stillwater. His “get away from the cops” speed was on full display in 2013. He was the king of the quarterback draw, and he had two rushing scores in the 2013 win in Austin. Fast forward to the :20 mark and you’ll see peak Clint Chelf.

1. Justin Gilbert’s interception return for TD in 2013

It was too difficult to keep Gilbert off this list twice – he always showed up big against Texas. This moment is No. 1 on my list just because of Mack’s expression. The Cowboys handed Mack Brown his worst loss at home in his 16-years at Texas, but not before breaking his heart after Gilbert returned an interception for a touchdown near the end of the first half. Cowboys rolled 38-13.

Mack Brown NOOOOO

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