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West Virginia game superlatives

Best play, best player, uniform Heisman, best headset drag, and more.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Winners: Dana Holgorsen, WVU fans (they were excellent), Baylor, OU, Tech, Mountaineer mascot (I legitimately thought he was going to shoot a couple of OSU’s players but he’s a great mascot), Maryland, and OSU basketball.

Losers: Headsets, #CollegeKickers, humans with eyeballs, Jimmy Sexton (gonna be tough to play the “Gundy to SC!” card after this bludgeoning, Mississippi State, OSU (it could have been worse, if they had played Baylor they would have lost by 45), and Ford Childress.

Best play: Walsh2Stewart for 73 yards and six points. It was pretty much all downhill from there.

Worst play: Every time a ball was being kicked.

Play that didn’t get enough attention: This probably should have been an ejection as well.

Best arm on a little guy: Clint Trickett.

Worst arm on a little guy: JW Walsh.

Surprise revelation: Gundy has a 3-ring binder of SI scandal stuff? How many PFB articles are in it? If I set the over/under a 0.5, what are you taking?

Worst player frat bro: This guy, man…

Uni Heisman: Justin Gilbert (see above). Even with the curve I have to grade him on, I thought his attire was spectacular. He and Weeden are better at wearing the half sleeves than maybe anybody else in school history.

Quote of the game: “You have to think about being alert.” -One of the announcers (who made me laugh out loud)

Other quote of the game: “Do you think Dana’s surprised OSU went for it on 4th and 7 after he called a timeout?” -Another one of the announcers (gonna answer “NO” to this one)

Underplayed injury: I think Stewart and/or Seales are going to miss the Kansas State game. Both of those guys were woozy.

Stat of the game: Jeremy Smith averaged 2.4 inches per carry. I can’t get over it. I just keep staring at it and hoping “inches” will change to at least “feet.”

Underrated Vine of the game: Dana Holgorsen, murderer and dragger of headsets.

GIF of the game: This was pretty salty. Too bad we might not see him again until the second half against Kansas State. Tyler Lockett will do NSFW things to our secondary.

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